Honeycomb Air Conditioner Unit Does Not Require Electricity



Solutions to Make Things Better.

How to turn waste into additional income source.

How to turn used cooking oil into biodiesel.

How to make roof areas generate income or cut your monthly electricity bill.

How to track local or remote business operation data 24/7.

How to pump water for free to irrigate your farm.

How to insure everything you value in life.

How to grow your business through social media marketing.


JcGreg Solutions. Only the Best.

JcGreg Solutions. Only the Best.


Project Financing for your Biogas Power Plant.

We are looking to finance projects in the Philippines based on preliminary sustainability and feasibility assessment made.



Saving and Protecting the Pristine Waters of our World Class Island Paradise Resorts



Oil Spill Organic Beach Sand Surface Washing



Turning organic waste into a non pollutant. Fuel to generate local power.



Converting Used Cooking Oil to Biodiesel Right in your Own Backyard



Your roof area can help you save cost. How big do you have?



Local or Remote Data Monitoring is Vital Business Information



Your pump operating cost is eating your profit. Run it for free.



Your fear affects your every decision. You can do something.



On Social Media Marketing to Drive Leads and Add Sales.



Building Security, Monitoring, and Control



Recover Waste Heat to Save on Fuel Cost



Clean Rivers, Lakes, and Seas.



LED Lights Retrofitting to Save Cost on Lighting Bills



Boiler and steam turbine corrosion/erosion control



PlanET Biogas Global GmbH 2017 Milestone



Ripping, Cutting and Pumping Solids



Japanese technology solutions to build a nation



Quality and Reliable Industrial Heat Exchangers



Monitor and track fleet vehicles, people on the ground.



Sun Powered Process Heating and Cooling



On Financed Infrastructure or Industrial Plant Construction



Compact STP for Resort Island Decentralized Sewage Treatment



Want a Gas Station on Your Property?



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Why and how sustainable buildings can actually save the world.

Why and how sustainable buildings can actually save the world.

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On SCADA, BMS, FDAS, FMS, HMI, Control System Integration.

In any business operation, there is only one way to protect your profit- Monitor and Control!

We integrate, program and customize the following for your power plant, factory, building, process, and business operations- SCADA. FDAS. HMI. FMS. PLC. PAC. DCS. RTU. SMS. BMS.


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Biogas/Biomethane Power Plants

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Pure Water Vaporization-cooling Silicon Rectifier.  Fuji Electric Global.

Pure water vaporization natural cooling 

This epoch-making natural vaporization-cooling rectifier uses pure water for the coolant. There is no impact at all on the Earth’s environment.

Japan’s largest silicon rectifier diode

We developed this high-voltage, large-capacity silicon rectifier diode based on our many years of experience and technology in power semiconductors. We have achieved a product with a significantly reduced number of parts, that is compact and lightweight, and features high efficiency. Reduction rates: 40 % volume, 30 % floor space, 40 % mass, 40 % losses. (Reduction rates are in comparison with our 6,000 kW PFC vaporization-cooling rectifier.)

Fine ceramics insulation

The use of fine ceramics with high thermal conductivity and high insulation on both sides of the cooling body insulates the silicon rectifier diode and the main circuit conductor enabling the entire unit to have ground potential.

Completely sealed structure

We have achieved a completely sealed structure that uses vaporization cooling such as for the snubber and surge absorber resistors, and reduces the temperature rise in the stack storage unit.

Cooling principle
The heat generated by the silicon rectifier diode vaporizes the pure water inside the cooling body. At that time, the large latent heat of vaporization efficiently cools the silicon rectifier diode. The water vapor is cooled in the condenser and returns to the cooling body to become a liquid again. Note that the vessel is under constant negative pressure.

Leading technology from Fuji Electric

Fuji Electric. State-of-the-Art Solutions.

More performance in your workplace. The advanced technology of Fuji Electric can create a lot more efficiency.

We support your business with trusted and proven Japanese technology based on extensive know-how, expertise and project track record of so many years.

See the range of technology Fuji Electric can offer.


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