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Food and Beverage Distribution.  Fuji Electric Global.

TWISTAR was developed based on the concepts of “flexibility, convenience and quality”. The four types of modules and new functions enable it to sell not only beverages and food, but variety of other products. It will turn all types of locations into convenience space for doing business.

Fuji “Twist Rack” received a “CHO” MONODZUKURI Innovative Parts and Components Award 2016 of MONODZUKURI. Nippon. Conference.

Leading technology from Fuji Electric

Fuji Electric. State-of-the-Art Solutions.

More performance in your workplace. The advanced technology of Fuji Electric can create a lot more efficiency.

We support your business with trusted and proven Japanese technology based on extensive know-how, expertise and project track record of so many years.

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Habits that drain your energy

Did you know that anxiety is the most common mental illness in the U.S. affecting more than 40 million adults? That’s roughly 1 in 8 people around you. And only 1 in 3 suffering actually receive treatment. It stems from a variety of problems, some very commonplace, such as a slipping grip on the tasks around you, mounding work and a constant feel of playing catch-up. 

With 1.2 million terabytes of information at the touch of your fingertips and growing, it’s pretty hard to keep up. There’s never going to be enough time to know it all and be it all. Your only solution: optimise your time. Easily said, difficult to do. But, often the biggest hurdle is the self-created one, stemming from a range of behaviours which we may not even realise we are exhibiting. Here are 11 of the most toxic habits that are killing your time, energy and motivation.

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Food for Liver Care : 10 Best Foods For a Clean and Healthy Liver!

The liver is known to be the largest gland and the second largest organ in the human body. It is mostly involved in the process of detoxification and is therefore considered to be a vital organ. It removes harmful and toxic substances from the blood and purifies the same. It also breaks down the sugar stored in the body into the usable form. However, the most important function of the liver is the production of bile pigments: Bilirubin and Biliverdin which accelerates the process of digestion. Therefore, it is essential for the liver to be healthy. Here are some Food for Liver Care that you must know!

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How Japan is helping to solve the water problems of Southeast Asia

Japan has long weathered the storm. Thunderstorms and typhoons throughout the 20th century left Japan’s cities and towns underwater, while urbanisation and industrialisation, especially following WWII, led to water pollution that created a host of sanitation problems.

Thanks to the creation of efficient water management systems and innovative water-saving and wastewater-treatment technologies, Japan’s water quality has undergone remarkable improvements.

Using the technology and know-how accumulated, Japan is now helping to tackle water problems in countries throughout Southeast Asia where water pollution and flooding are threats with massive socioeconomic impact.

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How to pump water without operating cost.

Solar Powered Water Pumping Solution

A solution to drought. Eliminate recurring expense on electricity or fuel to run a pump. 10 years warranty on solar panels, 2 years on MPPT Inverter, and 1 year for SS submersible pump. 

A DIY installation. Simple. Easy. User friendly.

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Why Our Brain Cells Die: A Breakthrough in Fighting Neurodegenerative Diseases

A team of scientists has discovered that, despite having varied causes and symptoms, most brain diseases all share a common mechanism chain leading to brain cell death. The process, aptly named parthanatos after an enzyme called PARP and the Greek god of death, involves proteins eating away at the cell’s DNA.

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How to benefit from proven and trusted Japanese technology,

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Vogelsang X-Ripper Shred a Pig’s Carcass in just 3 Seconds

Half a hog ripped and shred in 3 seconds!

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Ripping, cutting, and pumping solids

These kinds of application needs durability, strength of materials, and well crafted engineering design/manufacturing.

Vogelsang: rotary lobe pumps,

inline macerators, twin shaft grinder,

land application, slurry management,

strip tillage, biogas & wastewater. Pumping, grinding, maceration and sludge handling. 

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Placebo Effect. Your Body Has The Power To Heal Itself

Mind over Matter Healing

It’s been discovered in the laboratory that intention does have physical effects. At least 1/3 of all healing has to do with the placebo effect: a person can override their biology simply by believing that they are healing. When we think positive thoughts, we release certain chemicals into our body, and when we think negative thoughts, we release negative chemicals into our body. 

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Filipino sector hampered by problems

Although the country is one of the world’s largest producers, more and more importers are turning their backs to the archipelago because of quality issues and social unrest. Philippine companies are worried and have asked the government for help. Companies have postponed investments. The government is working with a company from the Middle East to increase the acreage by between 5,000 and 10,000 hectares, but those plans have been put on hold.

China, South Korea and Japan are the most important export markets. With the growing demand and developments within the ASEAN trading block, there should be more investment in the sector.

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Turn Your Banana Waste into Fuel Resources

 Waste to Energy Biogas Power Plant. 

We all know that organic waste would rot and smell. More so with livestock manure and agricultural residual waste. On a grand scale would be banana peeling volume for fruit only processing, banana leaves and trunks left on the plantation.

All these can easily be turned into resources.

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