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How the Philippines can be great just by following Facebook’s pattern to success

There is something that Mark Zuckerberg did that made the people around wanted to be part of Facebook.

Imagine if the Philippine Government can do that, not only for a specific political figure worship, but for the Philippines as a country.

Could you imagine how Filipinos can benefit if we turned what we do viral just like what Zuckerberg did to Facebook?

We must find this Zuckerberg in us and change ourselves for the better. Or perhaps we can just copy the pattern and save ourselves a lot of “original thoughts but too expensive and unproven solutions” that our leaders mostly resorts to nowadays.

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How the Philippines can attract and grow manufacturing by riding a global trend

Thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act, investments in clean technology in America are soaring as companies rush to claim its benefits.

Maybe we can do the same thing in the Philippines?

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The ‘great resignation’ is over—and Gen Z, millennials could benefit the most

Abundant job opportunities, labor shortages and significant pay increases for workers who changed jobs all fed this historic quitting wave — now, however, these dynamics are abating, and the great resignation is looking like “a thing of the past,” says Nela Richardson, the chief economist at ADP.

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5 things I refuse to spend my money and time on -39 Year Old Millionaire

Jonathan Sanchez is the first millionaire in his family. Now he teaches other parents how to build generational wealth.

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8 climate-focused companies that are hiring for remote jobs right now

You don’t have to be an expert in sustainability to do climate work—now more than ever, jobs at climate-focused companies require diverse skill sets and a range of backgrounds.

Whether you’re looking for a new job, or an entire career change, here are eight climate-focused companies hiring for open roles—most of which you can do from anywhere.

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Cutting carbohydrates from breakfast may help people with diabetes

Cutting carbohydrates from breakfast and focusing more on protein may benefit people with type 2 diabetes, a new study suggests.

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How the Philippines can have an Effective Universal Healthcare System

There is wisdom to look at successful existing system of other countries to make our own Universal Health Care successful. This will make the process easy and sure.

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Wise Life Quotes You May Have Missed Reading

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