How To Beat Holiday Shopping Stress, Traffic, And Chaos

Watch how Amazon do a one day shipping thing with Prime Members. Click here.

Going shopping especially during holiday season is a tiring and stressful procedure. What with the traffic, wasted time, and chaotic rampage of similarly bargain hunters like you?

Amazon, like the shopping malls you are accustomed to, also give great price reductions and bargain sales during holiday seasons. Maybe even more often. Why hustle? You can shop millions of products available right in the comfort of your home. Paid online and delivered to you. It is the biggest global store with Thousand of store departments and over 353 Million products. With that, your online shopping satisfaction experience is always assured.

Let’s look at some of the tactics Amazon leverages particularly well. Here are six reasons why Amazon usually persuades many of us to spend some cash.

1. Amazon gets personal. As consumers, one-third of us want a more personalized shopping experience, says research from Infosys. That’s been shown to boost conversions for other retailers, and it’s something Amazon delivers.

2. Checkout is easy. If you get one of those emails, buying the product is quick and simple. A Conversion XL study outlined a 5-click process, but if you’re already logged in and using 1-Click ordering (such as when buying a Kindle book, for example), you can complete the purchase in 2 or 3 clicks.

3. Lots of Social Proof. An article on KISSmetrics shows the importance of positive social proof and the influence of other people’s stories on the purchase process. It cites research showing that two-thirds of shoppers are more likely to buy if there are product ratings and reviews.

4. Product images, videos, and descriptions. A Visual Website Optimizer study found that using large product images can boost conversions by 9%. As we’ve shown before, images are great for showcasing product benefits, adding credibility, providing context and firing buyers’ imagination.

5. Upselling and cross selling. Upselling and cross-selling provides a big revenue boost for e-commerce sites. Amazon does this well. It shows what people who looked at the same products eventually bought, encouraging shoppers to check out these (sometimes more expensive) products.

6. Convenient Filtering, Navigation and Search. Navigation and search are two aspects of what Moz calls the Holy Grail of E-commerce Optimization, and Amazon does this well. Considering the number of products available for sale, it’s amazing that you don’t feel overwhelmed. In part, this is because of excellent filtering.

Information Source:

Ecommerce Optimization: 6 Reasons Why Amazon Rocks

Shop at Amazon now!

Happy Holiday Shopping!


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