On turning organic waste into non pollutant.

And create cost savings or income source by generating power to use or sell.

What the First World did to their waste? Turned it into biogas.

Organic Waste to Biogas, Biomethane, or Bio-LNG Resources

We have lots of rotting and stinking organic waste in our country. We can do the same.


How PlanET Biogas Global GmbH Spearheads World Biogas Technology


Browse how others used their waste to create progress.


Looking forward to serve you.

Jess C. Gregorio

PlanET Biogas Global GmbH

Email: j.gregorio@planet-biogas.com

Email: gregoriojess@yahoo.com

Website: http://en.planet-biogas.com/

Biogas Reference Site:


Reference Biogas Plant in the Philippines:


Reference Landfill Replacement Project:


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How to avoid shopping stress especially during holidays and sudden needs.


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How to beat the El Nino Phenomena or drought without paying so much to sustain water pumping operation. Free energy to operate your irrigation water pump.


Where to find a Biogas Plant Constructor that will really make your project work for the next 25 years.


Where can you find the smallest, most compact, modular, fastest to install, easy to operate, effective, reliable, automated, efficient, and technology savvy Biogas Power Plant in the world?


How to recover big time energy losses from your boiler blow off system.


How to boost your productivity and profit using manufacturing and business data. Local or Remote Data Monitoring is Vital Business Information.


How you can capitalize on your used cooking oil by turning them to biodiesel fuel.


How to turn waste into resources.


What is the Easiest Way to Clean and Decontaminate Rivers, Lakes, Bays, and Seas


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