The Latest Engineering Jobs

The Latest Engineering Jobs

The latest Engineering Jobs in the UK and Worldwide including mechanical, structural, civil, electrical, gas, oil and more. Search and apply for your next career move today!

BTEC Engineering – Standards Verifier

Home Working | Varies


Experienced Engineers

Central Scotland, Southern Scotland, North West England, Wales | Competitive

Scottish Power

Product Engineer

King’s Lynn, Norfolk | Up to £38,000 + benefits


Quality Engineer

Waterloo | £55,000, depending on experience

Get Staffed

Mechanical/Mechatronic/Optics Design Engineer

Guildford, Surrey | £35,550 to £38,833 per annum plus benefits

University of Surrey

MRF Equipment Engineer

Culham, Oxford | £38,959 – £44,272

UK Atomic energy Authority

Electrical Engineering Technician

Watford | £42,000 – £46,000

Trinity Mirror plc

Technical Manager – Cosmetics Product Development

Basingstoke, Hampshire | up to £45,000 per annum plus bonus Package

Recruitment Revolution

Junior Design Engineer (Medical / Manufacturing)

Wokingham, Berkshire | £20,000 to £25,000 per annum


Consultant Risk Engineer

Windsor, Berkshire | Competitive

FM Global

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JcGreg Solutions

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More fuel to extend operations and generate more excess power

We can assist you on…

1. How to generate more excess power to sell.

2. How to create more business revenue.

3. How to solve your environmental wastewater problems.

4. How to manage organic waste stench and storage problems and turn it into money.

5. How to extend boiler fuel inventory.

6. How to start a zero-waste system without really trying.

7. How to take advantage of current waste management technologies to create leverage in business.

8. How to raise the efficiency of your power generation system.

Do email me indicating your particular industry and we will send you a questionnaire specific to your application.

But if you have a sugar mill and you want your waste turned into resources and profit- we can help you assess the potential of your organic waste and recommend ways to increase your bottomline. Do answer questions below and email to

Biogas Reference Site:

Full Contact Name:

Company Name:



Landline Nos.:

Mobile Nos.:

Email Address:


Product Manufacturing Data:

What do you manufacture?

Manufacturing capacity per day?

Manufacturing capacity per year?

Operating months (start to finish)?

Shutdown months (no mfg)?

Mill capacity?

Refining capacity?

Hours of manufacturing operation:

per day?

per week?

per month?

per year?

Biogas from waste data:

What is your application Idea for Biogas:

boiler fuel in biomethane (y/n)?

CHP, heat for process, gas engine coupled to generator (y/n)?

Or just gas fuel to fire and run your boilers adding more steam generation (y/n)?

Have existing biogas system (Y/N)?

If Yes, what type?

Anaerobic Digester Volume (m3)?

Country of technology and mfg origin?

Working or not (Y/N)?

Efficiency of biogas generation from organic waste (%)?

Type of organic residue or waste, biogas/ethanol, distillery, field trash, etc etc, what are those available, include all?

What is their individual moisture content for solids (%), dry matter content for liquid (%)?

Available quantity for each:





Have remaining open area for anaerobic digester tanks installation, mixing tanks, digestate tank, solid/liquid separator, biogas/biomethane feed system, containerized control room (m2)?

Electrical Power Generation:

Grid connection possible?

How far is the nearest NGCP transformer (km)?

How much total power do you consume per month (KW)?

How much does it cost you (PhP)?

Power consumption in a year (KW)?

Cost of your power for one year (PhP)?

Have existing Power Generator (Y/N)?

Type (steam turbine, gas engine, etc)?

Individual Steam Turbine Generating Capacities (Kw, MW)?

Total Existing Power generating capacity (KW or MW)?

Excess Generated Power (KW, MW)?

If you already sell this, how much do you sell it (PhP/KW or MW)?

If not and you plan to sell excess power from your biogas power plant, how much do you think can you sell it to:

1. Local Electric Coop (PhP/KW) ?

2. Identified private power buyer in your area (PhP/KW) ?

3. NGCP, if they still have grid capacity to accommodate your excess power (PhP/KW)

Do you have a condensing steam turbine (Y/N)?

What is the generation capacity of this particular condensing steam turbine (kw, mw)?

How much superheated steam does it need (kg/hr)?

At what pressure (barg)?

What is its superheat temperature above steam saturation point (Deg C)?

No. of Hours of Operation per Month (hrs/month) ?

No. of Hours of Operation per Year (hrs/year) ?

Boiler Data:

Do you have boilers (Y/N)?

Type of each boiler (enumerate and describe each)?

Steaming rate of each boilers (kg/hr)?

Boiler Feedwater Temperature (Deg C)?

Estimated Boiler Efficiency of each Boiler (%)?

Fuel of each boiler?

Moisture Content of Solid Fuels (%)?

Fuel Feeding Technology of each boiler?

Operating Pressure of each boiler (Barg)?

Individual Boiler combustion efficiency (%)?

Feedwater Temperature (Deg.C)?

Pressure of Deaerator (Barg)?

If steam is Superheated, what temp per boiler (DegC):

Have boiler continuous blowdown heat recovery for eah boiler?

boiler operating cost (PhP/day, per week, per month, per year)?

Cost to buy each type of your boiler fuel (PhP/Ton, PhP/Liter, PhP/cubic meter)?

If you have free residual waste as your boiler fuel, how much would you internally cost it (PhP/Ton, PhP/Liter, PhP/cubic meter)?

Please forward latest boiler fuel lab analysis and breakdown?

Estimated boiler flue gas particle scrubbing or containment cost per month (PhP/month)?

per year (PhP/month)?

Estimated boiler ash management cost per month (PhP/month)?

per year (PhP/year)?

Wastewater Treatment Data:

Total power consumption of wastewater treatment section only per month (KW/month) ?

per year (KW/year)?

Total Operational Cost of wastewater treatment per month (PhP/month)?

per year (PhP/year)?

How many wastewater lagoons do you currently have?

How deep are your lagoons (meters)?

What is the total retention period of water on your aerobic lagoons (days)?

Flowrate of wastewater going into the lagoons from manufacturing (liters/min, gpm)?

Temperature of wastewater coming into the lagoon(Deg.C)?

Dry matter percentage of wastewater going into the lagoon (%)?

What is your chemical treatment overhead cost per liter of wastewater (PhP/liter)?

Details of each chemical used, amount of usage,and their cost:

Name of Chemical (list all)?

Usage per month of each chemical (liter/month, kg/month)?

Usage per year of each chemical (liter/year, kg/year)?

Cost of each kind of chemicals (PhP/liter, PhP/kg)?

Total Operational Cost on chemical treatment alone, (PhP/month)?

per year (PhP/year)?

Do you have a current sludge retention problem (stench and volume) and wish to solve it (y/n)?

Estimated total volume of sludge in your lagoons (%) ?

Estmated sludge specific management cost do you incur per month (PhP/month)?

per year (PhP/year)?

What is your total volume of lquid on all the aerobic lagoons you have (liter, cubic meter)?h

How many pumps do you have in your wastewater treatment/wwtp?

What are their individual HP ratings?

No. of Hours of Operation per Month (hrs/month) ?

No. of Hours of Operation per Year (hrs/year) ?

Hor many motor for blowers do you have for aeration purposes?

What are their individual HP ratings (HP)?

No. of Hours of Operation per Month (hrs/month) ?

No. of Hours of Operation per Year (hrs/year) ?

Any special treatment other than common ones installed? What are these?

Please forward latest wastewater lab analysis?

Please forward latest residual solid waste lab analysis and breakdown?

Republic Act 9513 or the Renewable Energy Act of 2008. RE Project Tax Holidays and Incentives from the government

Willing to take effort to register RE project with DOE and other required agencies to avail of governmental incentives (y/n)?

IncomeTax Holiday (y/n)?

Ten percent corporate tax rate (y/n)?

Ten year duty-free importation of RE machinery, equipment and materials (y/n)?

Net Operation Loss Carry-Over (NOLCO) of seven years (y/n)?

Zero percent value-added tax (VAT) rate (y/n)?

Special realty tax rates on equipment and machinery (y/n)?

Accelerated depreciation (y/n)?

Cash incentive given to RE developers for missionary electrification (y/n)?

Tax exemption of carbon credits (y/n)?

Tax credit on domestic capital equipment and services (y/n)?

Exemption from the universal charge (y/n)?

Payment of transmission charges (y/n)?

Hybrid and cogeneration systems (y/n)?

Benefit of a priority dispatch (y/n)?

Incentives for RE commercialization (y/n)?

Feed-in tariff (y/n)?

Project Schedule Information:

If project is feasible and beneficial, approved to be set in place, when do you think would be the most convenient month to start project mobilization (month of the year)?

What month would you desire to have the project finished to serve your purpose and objectives (month of the year)?

How many months is your typical time span for capex oriented project decision making procedure (nos. of months)?

Jess C. Gregorio

PlanET Biogas Global GmbH


Biogas Reference Site:

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