by Jess C. Gregorio

If you know Jesus and LOVE reigns in you, you will love Mary His mother like He did. A vassal of God for nine months would be incorruptible.

The bearer of LIFE defeated death like Christ defeated death- the Savior of lost souls. Not by dying on the cross but by just being the mother of the Savior. When the mortal body of Jesus was consummated in the final sacrifice, the flesh that was in Mary was likewise consumed as she was the giver of this mortal flesh. And if the Divine existed within a mortal like Mary, why can’t the Divine then protect the purity of the giver of flesh from the sins of the flesh? Would that be hard for God to do? Will God allow His instrument to be corrupted afterwards? Or even before?

If Jesus has tremendous love for all creation why will He not bestow upon Mary supernatural benefits that you guys are trying to strip her all the time? She is without sin because no sin can ever stand the Divine in her for nine months. Or else God won’t be God. And if God is there then sin can’t even get near. And because Mary gave Jesus this perfect free of sin womb it therefore follows that she is not affected by death. And even after Jesus birth, her divinity protected this sanctity because she of all creature has been blessed for all time being the mother of God. And God made sure to let us know that special grace given.

You people knew and memorized biblical texts but you don’t understand the meaning behind it all. Pray that you be given wisdom to understand what you read and not be used by satan to complicate the truth. Or else you will live your life like Pilate. So very near the truth but because of the worlds influence, his power and stature equivalent to spiritual pride nowadays, loses his wisdom, kept a blind eye, and ritually cleanse his hand for the world to acknowledge his ignorance and fear of the TRUTH Himself.

Again, if you are a follower of Christ and LOVE the way he does, you will do what He did, love His mother. Because of this love, the devil fears her. Throw lots of untruth in her direction.

I love my biological mother. If only I have the power to keep her by my side for as long as I live, I will keep her alive. But I am not God. I cannot give her immortality. Jesus is God. He loves her mother. He has the power and might to do what I cannot do for my earthly mother. Tell me, won’t He protect her from death or not?

If I can feel much love for my mother in my broken-ness, how much more of Jesus in His perfection? So stop degrading my Mother in Heaven because you do not know how my Savior loves her so much.

And if my Savior, Jesus Christ, is also your God, your Savior, might as well shut up because it won’t be right with Him.

The only one who hates the Immaculate Queen of Heaven so much because she became more powerful than he is satan. And his followers.


10 Secret Weapons That Give You The “It” Factor…….

by Antonio Centeno

Ever heard this?…

“There’s just something about him…he has “it”…”? 

What the heck is….”it”? 

And how do you get “it”? 

I don’t care what you do in life….

  • IT manager
  • Sales associate
  • Doctor
  • Lawyer
  • Engineer
  • Student
  • Unemployed

Any man can have “it”. 

“It”… is NOT dependent on your career….

So what is “it”?

To explain…let me share how to get it first…(aka the core values of RMRS):

  1. Leverage the science of style
  2. Take action
  3. Know your MISSION

All 3 of these will give “it” to you…but the strongest one?

Number 3.

All men who have “it” have a MISSION…

You can see it in their eyes…

You want “it”? 

  • Find a mission. I don’t care what it is…but every successful man has one. Find yours. 

You want “it” even more? 

  • Use the science of style to project your mission

You want all of “it”? 

  • Take ACTION on your mission!

You won’t get “it” by THINKING about your mission…

or READING about your mission…

or TELLING people about your mission…

You get “it” by taking ACTION on your mission…

Once you feel the rush of confidence from taking action…

Everyone you come into contact with will feel it too…

And pretty soon they will start saying…

“I don’t know…there’s just something about him…he has “it”…..”

Aren’t you sick & tired of:

  • Settling for a mediocre desk job you HATE?
  • Feeling like HALF the man you used to be?
  • Getting walked all over by friends, colleagues, or your spouse 

Because that is what your life is like when you don’t have “it”….

I call these men “at leasters”…

They say things like:

  • At least I’m not homeless (when they’re in debt up to their eyeballs)
  • At least I’m not single (when they’re miserable in their relationship) 
  • At least I’m not jobless (when they despise their cubicle) 

If you’re at least not losing…are you winning?


Men who have “it” aren’t playing to “NOT lose” 

They’re playing to WIN!

Don’t you want to win?


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3 STUPID Laundrey Mistakes Nobody’s Talking About…..

by Antonio Centeno



This email was annoying to write.

Because I used to make these mistakes… 

and it made me cringe thinking about all the clothes I ruined.

So what are these mistakes?

1. Using Laundry Detergent WRONG…

Detergents use surfactants to clean clothes. 

Without getting too sciency…

Surfactants attach to dirt, grease, & stains and wash them away with the water…

The problem?

Using too much or poorly formulated detergents…

  • Too much surfactant pulls away more than just dirt (aka color & fabric)
  • Poor formulas use surfactants that are too harsh & damage the clothing…

Now imagine using too much cheap detergent….YIKES

2. Overwashing Clothing…

Remember this:

Unless you’re sweating like crazy…

You DON’T HAVE to wash something after one wear…

Let me repeat…

One wear does NOT = one wash

Washing & dry cleaning is HARSH on fabric

Every time you wash it reduces the lifespan. 

A rule I like to follow is – wash your clothing as often as your hair…

which is every 2-3 days (unless you sweat hard)…

So wash your clothes every 2-3 wears!

3. Putting Wool/Knitwear in the Dryer


Unless you want a sweater for your dog…

always gently hand wash and hang dry!

Trust me! 

That’s all from me today!


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Why Hard Work Doesn’t = Success……

by Antonio Centeno


True or false?

You work HARD…

But something still isn’t clicking…

This happened to me in high school…

I was a middle distance track runner…The 800m and the mile were my thing.

I was pretty good too! I made it to regionals…almost made it to state.

But one thing that sabotaged my efforts?

A poor diet.

At the time I thought I was eating fine.

I wasn’t eating out, but I also wasn’t eating much protein…

We didn’t have much money…

My diet consisted of PB&J for lunch & Top Ramen for dinner (with a little bit of hamburger meat mixed in).

It’s interesting how you can work so hard at something, but still fail…

because there was something you didn’t know you needed to know…

I had no idea about nutrition…

It seems completely obvious to me now…I just had no one around to teach me.

Looking back, if I’d actually eaten the right foods…

I probably could’ve had different results from all that work I put in.

You realize that oftentimes you can be held back from simple ignorance.

Ignorance isn’t a bad word…

it’s just worth bringing in a coach to help point out what you don’t know…

When I listen to men complain that they don’t know why they’re stuck in life…

despite putting in the work:

  • $100K fancy degree
  • 10+ years experience

I always ask…

Have you developed the skills school doesn’t teach?

Most of the time their mind is blown!
Which seems crazy to me because it’s so simple…

but you don’t know what you don’t know!

If you feel stuck despite all the work you’ve put in…

Another reason people get stuck is because they never take action…

If knowledge was power, librarians would rule the world.

Only BIG action takers should sign up for this class, because the information is amazing…

but it isn’t enough.

This isn’t for lazy guys who think they know it all.

It’s for action takers with an open mind.

Alright – I’m going to cook a healthy dinner for my family now…

I’m so grateful I don’t have to eat Top Ramen for every meal anymore!

Talk soon!

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5 Mistakes Style ROOKIES Make…..

by Antonio Centeno

I confess…..

I made these mistakes when I started to improve my style…

And even when I leveled up…I still made some of them…

So even though rookies do make them…

Don’t rest on your laurels…

What are they?

1. Relying 100% On A Tailor For Fit

Tailors can get you 90% there….

But one BIG problem alterations haven’t been able to fix? 

Muffin top shirts. 

No matter how well tailored a shirt is…if you move around a lot during the day…

It will still poof out…especially if you’re wearing an undershirt. 

That’s where shirt garters come in…they take your style from good to GREAT!

I used these all the time in the Marines…and we had our uniforms tailored to perfection…

2. Dressing For Your “Future” Body

A common question I get is: “Antonio I’m gonna have my ideal body in 6 months, should I wait to improve my style?” 



Dress for the body you have now. Life happens. Goals get pushed back. 

You need to present your best self NOW!

3. Not Following The Style Pyramid

Fit > Fabric > Function 

That’s the order…

A well-fitted $200 suit looks better than a poorly-fitted $2,000 suit.

Ideally – you want ALL 3, but if you have to choose…focus on FIT first. 

4. Not Thinking “Interchangeability”

Ever play with legos? 

I did…

I can take my legos from 1985 and they still work perfectly with my son’s. 

Your style needs to be the same. 

Don’t buy outfits when shopping…buy interchangeable items that can be worn with ANY outfit. 

The goal is to build a wardrobe that is 100% interchangeable. 

5. Not Having a Uniform

This is the MOST important and LEAST utilized.

What message do you want to send the world?

Dress to send that message. 

This is a little more advanced because nuances come into play. 

You have the foundation down…now how do you stand out? 

Having a uniform to brand yourself by is now. 


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8 New Places In Manila To Take Your GF When She’s H-Angry

No, it doesn’t validate being a psycho grumpy b*tch when we’re hungry. Most especially when our significant other didn’t earn any brownie points for the day. But this speaks to us women in so many levels. The truth is, we love our SOs and we just want to spend the best part of our day with them: eating!

The best part is, we have a lot of new places to go to in Manila, yay! Here are some of ‘em:


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