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If you never try, you’ll never know.

If you never try, you’ll never know.
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This Person Needs a Background Check. A Public Safety Concern. Paging PNP, GRAB, UBER, AFP, NBI, LTFRB.

This guy is a ride sharing driver. Owns high powered guns. Dons a policeman uniform. Dons a military uniform. Tatooed body. Says he is working with the Philippine Government. Confessed VIP Protection Agent of the Philippine Government.  Cyberbully riders on valid complaints on driver’s violation and get back to them by posting family pictures of complaining riders with his invectives and threats. Questionable identity with different FB personal profile photographs (poser).

The guy is just crazy putting my family’s picture with an invective of “kupal family”

How much more terror and oppression this GRAB driver can do with his riders or riders of other cars who just vented their complaints for drivers not showing up even with a confirmed booking. Not answering back calls of riders on reason why a booked car is going away and not towards the pick up point.  He is not even the one concerned. And he started acting like a goon on cyberspace turning the tide around and saying that I do not have the right to complain and just use my own car and not ride any ride sharing car because I am such a cry baby.

Am just following the President’s advise to the citizenry what to do if we encounter such oppression from supposed to be public oriented drivers. 

And what has GRAB has to say to their driver hooliganism, passenger selection, and disrespect in cancelling or bothering not to answer a customer’s call for any valid reason why a driver is not serving a booked ride.

What would be our defense if this particular driver possesing so many high powered guns, an agent of a government VIP, a confessed government worker, and a violent and threatening ways to muffed the riding public’s valid grievance for a service that really sucks? Now he has included my whole family by posting my family picture and calling us “kupal family!”

What has the country gone into with these kind of people?

Can we do something to protect ourselves with this goon “Benjamin Garcia Jr.” who is driving a car on a ride sharing job and serving the public?   On the road or in the net, we are no longer safe.
Paging Mr. President, PNP, NBI, AFP, do check this person and do away with one dangerous person on the loose. He may be a poser or a real goon but it is worth the effort to make sure the public is safe.

Prevent Steam System Internal Corrosion

A nuclear power plant solution to preserve steam generator and steam turbine. Applicable to small and large steam system for internal corrosion-free operation.

More related topics on steam system corrosion control.

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Jess C. Gregorio

Affiliate Technical Marketing and Project Lead Generation Manager for the Philippine Territory

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Heat and cool your process using the sun

Generate steam and cooling mediums with no operational cost. Perhaps a hybrid system coupled to a normal boiler for continuous heating and cooling.

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Jess C. Gregorio

Affiliate Technical Marketing and Project Lead Generation Manager for the Philippine Territory


Driving Leads. Adding Sales.
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How to Set an Appointment for Passport online Application in the Philippines

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) in partnership with the Pilipinas Teleserv a call center agency where you can also apply NSO certificate online created an online appointment system for those who want to get a new or renew passport.
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Jess C. Gregorio
Affiliate Technical Marketing and Project Lead Generation Manager for the Philippine Territory

Fathers not respected and loved anymore. Still, may you have a Happy Father’s Day in others home where you are not taken for granted.

When your wife don’t listen anymore. Does not respect you anymore. Treats you like you are not the head of the family. Does not care for you and only thinks of her self comfort and ease. When she lifts not a finger in your aid or no longer has interest on what you do or tell. When she shouts more than usual and quick to pick fights over non-issues.

When children takes you for granted and no longer appreciate your being a father to them. 

You are still a father. But you need to find a new home.

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How to improve your posture in 5 days

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Sitting in front of a computer all day, incorrect posture when reading and sedentary lifestyle – all those lead to an undesirable curvature of the spine.

Excessive stress on the chest and neck muscles leads to shoulder stiffness and weakness of muscles in the upper back.

I recommend using a Magnetic back-alignment belt for correcting body posture.

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