On running a water pump without operating cost

We supply DIY or turnkey project solar pump system for domestic water usage or crop irrigation.

Turnkey systems up to 15HP, 98 Mtrs max. well depth, max. 60 Cu.Mtrs max flowrate, 6 inches max. well pipe dia.

Required information to correctly assess your application.

1.)What is your application?

2.)Water Flowrate Required?

3.)Depth of Well?

4.)Inner Diameter of well pipe?

5.)Vertical distance of water distribution outlet above ground output?

6.)Horizontal distance of water distribution outlet from well?

7.)three phase power available or only single phase?

8.)What is the HP or KW rating of your surface pump if you already have an existing pump setup and needs only solar power system installed.

See our Turnkey Solar Pump Package Price Table below.

Please email your interest on solar pump system turnkey installation with required information above to:

Jess C. Gregorio




Amazon has millions of quality, reliable, and original (non-counterfeit) online products that you can purchase either thru your credit card or local Western Union outlets. Locally delivered, too.

Click link below.


Let me know what you specifically need. I can help you find it from the millions of Amazon products to choose from. We knock on your door to deliver it.

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