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Want a little more performance in your work and workplace? The advanced technology of Fuji Electric holds the key to a lot more efficiency.

We support your business with technologies based on our extensive know-how, expertise and the achievements we are proud to have gained over the years.

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Products snd Solutions:

Drives and Inverters ********

AC Drives (Low voltage)

AC Drives (Medium voltage)


Servo Systems

Semiconductors & Devices ********



Storage Devices

Power Supply ********

UPS, Uninterruptible Power System

UPS (Medium Voltage)

PCS, Power Conditioning System

Large-Capacity Rectifier,S-Former

Data Center

Sensors & Measurements ********


Radiation Monitoring

Factory Automation Systems ********

PLC, Programmable logic controller

HMI, Human machine interface

Process Control System, MICREX-NX

Cleanroom (Fan Filter Unit)

Monitoring and Control System, MICREX-VieW XX

Multipurpose Analog Monitoring System, MARSYS

Distributions & Controls ********

LV Distribution

Motor Control


Energy Control Equipment

MV Distribution

Transmission & Distribution ********

Oil-immersed Transformer, Shunt Reactor

Cast Resin Transformer, MOLTRA

GIS, Gas Insulated Switchgear

MV & LV Switchgear and Control Center

DC High-speed Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Pure Water Vaporization Cooling Silicon Rectifier

Energy  *******

Thermal Power Generation

Geothermal Power Generation

Nuclear Power

Fuel Cell 

Social Infrastructure ********

Tunnel Ventilation System

Marine Environment Protection

Electrical Equipment for Railcars

Food and Beverage Distribution ********

Vending Machines

Can Vending Machine

Coin Mechanism

Bill Validator


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Fuji Electric Global. Hot and Cold Can Vending Machine.

Fuji “Hot & Cold Can Vending Machine” received a Superior Energy Conserving Machinery Award of the Agency of Natural Resources and Energy Director`s Award.

30 selection 30 button (18 PET bottles)

Annual power consumption : 575 kW・h, 220 V supported (50 Hz / 60 Hz)

External dimensions : Hight 1,830 mm × Width 1,181 mm × Depth 731 mm

Rack configuration and hot / cold product segmentation

Rack types and product compatibility
B : Normal cans

BS : Short cans

P1 : Wide PET bottles (Max. product height: 228 mm)

P2 : 500 ml PET bottles

Slim cans: 595

Wide cans: 450

PET bottles: 270

Interface encourages willingness to purchase
Wide panel display promotes the products. Clean appearance additionally encourages consumer willingness to purchase
Diversification of vended products
Product diversification enhances the sales channel expansion of the vending machine
Decrease in vending problems
Reduction of lost vending opportunities Increase in rate of repeat purchases due to improved reliability

Equipped with 3-column PET bottle rack
Improved freedom for vending different types of products

Wide PET bottle rack (P1) supports the need for vending large-size products (Max. product height: 228 mm)

Equipped with new type DC vending mechanism
Sold-out sensor mounted in the vending mechanism detects product jams.

When a product jam occurs

Product jam is reduced by the addition of a retry function.

For a cash purchase, a refund or other product selection is also possible.

Vending to the next customer from the jammed column is prevented.

Energy savings
Improved capability of the inverter, compressor control, and insulation

Equipped with LED Lighting

Due to the long service life of the LEDs, lampreplacements, such as for fluorescents, are not required.

Equipped with a hybrid heat pump

Model FAA30L6RT5NY

External dimensions Height 1,830 x Width 1,181 x Depth 731 mm

Product mass (weight) 247 kg

Lighting LED

Cooling device (refrigerant) Compressor : reciprocating type, 6.36 cm

Heating device Sheathed heater : 310 W + 310 W

Power consumption C:C:C 288 w / 288 w

H:C:C 188 w / 188 w

C:H:C 494 w / 494 w

H:H:C 534 w / 534 w

Electrical outlet capacity 15 A

Adjustable interior capacity 1,536 L

Annual power consumption 575 kW・h

Value measured according to JIS B 8561:2007

Power supply Single-phase, 220 V ±10 V, 50 / 60 Hz

For inquiries and request for quotation (RFQ), email gregoriojess@yahoo.com

Best Regards,
Jess C. Gregorio

Sales & Marketing

InSpecIT Inc.

Unit 719/722 City & Land Mega Plaza Bldg.

ADB Ave. cor. Garnet Road, Ortigas Center

San Antonio, Pasig City, Philippines 1605