How To Put A Surveillance Camera And Forget About It. Solar Powered Cams.

REOLINK Argus Eco+Solar Panel Outdoor Solar Battery Powered Security Camera System, 1080p HD Wirefree Waterproof 2-Way Audio Night Vision with PIR Motion Sensor, SD Socket and Cloud Service

REOLINK Argus Eco and Solar Panel Kit 1080p Wire-Free Battery-Powered Solar-Powered Indoor Outdoor Smart Home Security IP Camera

Important Note:

  • Only works with 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi, not works with 5Ghz Wi-Fi connection. After you do initial setup the camera with network, it can record to sd card and make audio alarm without Wi-Fi.
  • Can’t support 24/7 recording and can’t work with NVR. Only support motion detection recording.
  • Power adapter and Micro SD card aren’t included in the package.
  • Not support ONVIF/WPS. Not support IP address access.
  • Only works with Reolink app and software. Other third-party apps such as blue iris aren’t supported.
  • Argus Eco accept micro SD card up to 64 GB capacity. Support micro SD card in FAT32 Format and with class 4 Read and Write speed or high level. 8GB or 16GB card is suggested.


  • Video Format: H.264 
  • Wireless Security: WEP(ASCII)/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK 
  • WiFi Standard: IEEE 802.11b/g/n 
  • Camera Size: Φ71 x 186 mm (Φ71 x 2.3 x7.3 in) 
  • Camera Weight (Battery included): 320 g (11.2 oz) 
  • Solar Panel Dimension: 18 x 11.5 x 2.7 cm 
  • Solar Panel Weight: 621 g
  • PIR Detecting Distance: Adjustable, up to 9 m (30 ft)

Low-Battery Notifications

Inform you when battery capacity reaches 10% so you won’t miss it. Argus Eco can be charged by 5V 2A power adapter or Reolink solar panel.

Multiple-Account Viewing

Allows users to manage multiple Reolink cameras via same reolink app and share your camera with your family up to 10 to live view the same camera simultaneously.

Smart Motion Sensors and Custom Siren

Adjust the motion sensor’s schedule and sensitivity to find the ideal setting for your home. Record your alert message and customize the camera with your own desired voice alert.

7-Day Free Cloud Storage

Argus Eco comes with free cloud plan that keep rollingpast 7-day of motion-triggered recordings and provide 1GB cloud storage for each camera. You can choose other right paid plan according to your needs. Store all moments to SD card or secure Reolink cloud for off-site backup when detects motion.

  • You need to manually subscribe once a month in order to continue using this plan for free.

Control Your Cameras, Hands-Free

Want to see who’s there? Just say “Hey Google, show me the backyard” on Google Nest Hub or Chromecast-enabled TVs, you can always see what your child is doing.

Get Remote Access Anywhere Anytime

Sync all your Reolink cameras to the app to control your entire home security with one simple dashboard. You can see remotely all clear and crisp live footage from your phone or computer and share with 10 family. Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and Mac devices.

Two-Way Audio and Live Stream

With the built-in microphone and speaker, see, hear and speak to anyone on camera from your device. Communicate with your elders, kids, babysitters, pets and warn verbally any uninvited even when you’re thousands of miles away.

  • Free Reolink app and client, No subscription fees.

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