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The Cambridge Handbook of Public-Private Partnerships, Intellectual Property Governance, and Sustainable Development

Public-Private Partnerships for Infrastructure: Principles of Policy and Finance

Management Control in Public-Private Partnerships: Between International Governmental Actors and the Private Sector

The Challenges of Public Private Partnership (PPP) in a Developing Country

The Emerald Handbook of Public-Private Partnerships in Developing and Emerging Economies: Perspectives on Public Policy, Entrepreneurship, and Poverty

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Kinetic Hydro Turbines with power from 0.2 to 8kw. Driven by the flow speed, they are intended to be used submerged in channels, big water pipes and rivers with NO HEAD.

Rooftop Domestic Solar Power and Solar Powered Water Pump for Irrigation

Boiler Blowdown Heat Recovery and Cost Saving Project

SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) System Integration

Mini Biodiesel Plant from Used Cooking Oil

Smart WIFI Remote Camera Viewing and Control. Integral Two Way Audio for Condos, Offices, Stores, and Homes.

Anaerobic Digestion. Biogas. W2E.

We are one of the leading biogas company in Germany as well as in the world. Allow us to take a minute of your time to introduce ourselves.

We do Biogas plant design, construction and consultancy. We offer German power and waste treatment technology and solutions for any kind of organic waste.

We also designed and now market a small, compact, affordable, prefab, and automated anaerobic digester, constructed onsite and ready to use within two weeks time. Great for small, medium, even large size livestock farms who just wanted waste treatment or own power max of 100KWe from this pioneering AD technology.

Click link below for more information.

And for our larger size biogas plant …

Medium to large automated digester tank farm system, 100 to 2MWH power generation.

Large to super large lagoon type mixed and automated anaerobic digestion systems, 200 to 22MW power generation.

Reference Biogas Plant in the Philippines:

We’ve done over 500+ biogas plant around the world.

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) for W2E of 500KWe (and above) from waste conversion is available. We can assess, validate, verify project sustainability and feasibility, design a matched system for your kind and quantity of substrate, and offer a corresponding solid or liquid waste tank or lagoon based biogas or biomethane plant.

PlanET Biogas Global GmbH




Currently Looking for Business Development Cooperators to cover Exclusive Sales Areas. Preferably a resident of the particular province to cover.

An innovative biomethane plant for French farms

A small-scale plant has been developed enabling the production of biomethane for injection into the grid, with a methane recovery rate of 97 percent. This experimental technology, developed in the laboratory and tested at a number of farms in the French Ardennes, is now ready for commercial launch.

More Generated Power from Waste

Advance technology + automation + experience + expertise = Innovation

We can provide solutions on…

1. How to generate more excess power to sell.

2. How to create more business revenue.

3. How to solve your environmental wastewater problems.

4. How to manage organic waste stench and storage problems and turn it into money.

5. How to extend boiler fuel inventory.

6. How to start a zero-waste system without really trying.

7. How to take advantage of current waste management technologies to create leverage in business.

8. How to raise the efficiency of your power generation system.

We are PlanET Biogas Global GmbH. We have designed, engineered, and constructed over 430 biogas and biomethane plants all over the world. We can help you quantify, qualify, and harness the potentials of ALL your organic waste.

Biogas and Biomethane. Turning waste into resources.

Best Regards,

Jess C. Gregorio

PlanET Biogas Global GmbH

Biogas Reference Site:

Canadian & German Researchers to Develop Biowaste Battery

Canadian & German Researchers to Develop Biowaste Battery

On turning organic waste into a non pollutant. Fuel to generate local power.

China a leader in renewable energy

China a leader in renewable energy#renewable #solar #energy #china #jcgregsolutions


Sun’s Free Energy on your Roof

You have nature’s bounty literally falling on you. It is just a matter of making use of it.

The bigger the area available to capture sun’s energy, the greater would the power generation be.

Now’s the best time to use the sun. While power rates increases the solar panel prices decreases.

Browse more related information on solar power generation.

Jess C. Gregorio

Affiliate Marketing and Project Lead Generation Manager for the Philippine Territory

Britcon completes £32m east London-based anaerobic digestion plant for ReFood

Britcon completes £32m east London-based anaerobic digestion plant for ReFood#FoodWaste #AnaerobicDigestion #biogas #jcgregsolutions


Turning your rotting waste into power.

We have lots of organic rotting and stinking waste in the Philippines. 
Perhaps you have these waste and may not be aware that you can have power without fuel cost.

Browse related information on biogas power.

Jess C. Gregorio

Affiliate Marketing and Project Lead Generation Manager for the Philippine Territory


Research shows conversion of food waste into renewable energy in a cold environment has enormous potential

Research shows conversion of food waste into renewable energy in a cold environment has enormous potential#biogas #FoodWaste #power #energy #RenewableEnergy #AnaerobicDigester #jcgregsolutions


Turn organic waste into resources to power up your operation.

Advance technology biogas power plant. Safe. Efficient. Reliable. Well Engineered.

We have lots of waste in the Philippines. 
Perhaps you have these waste and may not be aware that you can have power without fuel cost.

Browse related information on biogas power.

Jess C. Gregorio

Affiliate Marketing and Project Lead Generation Manager for the Philippine Territory


Diamond Batteries from Nuclear Waste will last for a Thousand Years

Diamond Batteries from Nuclear Waste will last for a Thousand Years#nuclear #Diamond #jcgregsolutions #batteries #power #AlternativePower #energy #carbon-14 #GraphiteBlocks #electricity #satellite #pacemaker

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