A bit of wisdom for Father’s Day.

The measure of a father’s greatness lies not on how he conquered the world, not on the wealth accumulated, not even on the fame and glory personally attained.

On the contrary, the true value of a man-father is on how he lost himself in the process. On how he decreases through the years and how his wife and children increases.

The strength and joy of the mother retained, the life values of children enhanced, and the love for life of the family solidified, these are all the things that credits fatherhood.

And just like Joseph to Mary and Jesus, it is not the father who will be the standout at the end, it will be his wife and their children.

This is the true essence of fatherhood. That is what a father means. Truly, he will just be the wind beneath their wings. Unseen most of the time but the presence deeply felt.

May the grace of God be with all the FATHERS today!

Happy Father’s Day!


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Fathers not respected and loved anymore. Still, may you have a Happy Father’s Day in others home where you are not taken for granted.

When your wife don’t listen anymore. Does not respect you anymore. Treats you like you are not the head of the family. Does not care for you and only thinks of her self comfort and ease. When she lifts not a finger in your aid or no longer has interest on what you do or tell. When she shouts more than usual and quick to pick fights over non-issues.

When children takes you for granted and no longer appreciate your being a father to them. 

You are still a father. But you need to find a new home.

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Your dad didn’t get you adopted by others when you were a babe, why send him to be adopted by others when he is old? 

Happy Father’s Day to dads blessed with children that has no plans in the future to send them to homes for the aged.  Who will still treat them as part of the family and love them until they die.

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Fathers in Great Debt to Provide for the Wife and Children. Happy Father’s Day!

The role of a father is to provide for the family.  

In some ocassions, a father may have lost income generating job, or may have develop deficiency to properly earn for his wife and children.  Faced with the difficulty, he will get out of his way, lower his pride, and do what needs to be done just to get what wife and children need. Sometime incurring so much debt that he no longer fear getting jailed just for his family to be comfortable, well fed, a roof on their head, and a chance to live with some leverage in life.

The test is when you can say later in life, “Akala ko mayaman tayo. Hindi pala.”  That would prove that you grew up in a well protected environment created to cushion and protect you from the hardships of life.

Thank your dad. He might still be drowning in debt and can’t still repay loaners hehehe…

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Fathers Depraved of Small and Caring Conversation. Happy Father’s Day!

They already had a lot of flaks from your mom. They need strength from their children.

There is only one way to cure their loneliness. 

Go ask dad!

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Sentimental Fathers. Happy Father’s Day!

Honoring fathers who kept their posture and sentimentality from their children. You’ll explode with emotion one day so better not hide it hehehe… Happy Father’s Day!

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