Lessons Learned from the Recent Election 2019.

Repetitive occurence every election. You will agree with me on the following points below:

1. Popularity even without much campaign will win you the election. This is the movie fan mentality. We cannot do anything about it.

2. Dynasties control election votes. We cannot do anything about it no matter how much our politicians seemingly abhors it.

3. Filipinos mostly adhere to whoever can pay them more for their votes. No matter how high the awareness campaign that this is wrong. We cannot do anything about it.

4. We always say voters are tanga or bobotante. There is no such Filipino. We are proud to be one. Every one just wanted to maka isa. The politicians to makaloko. The voters to maka kolekta. Nobody treats governance anymore with respect. Everyone knows it is not to be looked upon as honorable profession because they are all crooks anyway. Nobody gives s damn. Might as well find opportunities abroad. But first get the 500, 1000, or 5000 from pulitikos. We cannot do anything about it.

5. No amount of education will do in choosing the right leader. Majority does not think there is a right leader. Only choose the lesser evil. Or who can pay more. This is the pinnacle of national indifference. It can only mean more bad things for us in the future. This is a national mindset. A matter of distrust. We cannot do anything about it.

6. Politics is a big business. Rags to riches story abounds. Control and influence pays. You know one or two in your cities and provinces who is so corrupt but no one can do anything because they are now so powerful.

7. Travel the Philippines and most likely you will see only one surname that governs a province. Senator, congressman, governor, mayor, councilor, even barangay captain. The locals cannot do anything about it. You cannot do anything about it.

It is not the people. It is the system. The challenge is how to dissuade crooks from running for a government position. To stop them even from thinking about it.

Can we do something? Is there hope? Yes, there is but we must swallow our blind pride and also believe that God lives in the hearts and minds of His people. Vox Populi. Vox Dei.

Election is a people’s mandate but it will never be God’s Voice when all who are seated are good for nothing thieves because they stole the nation’s trust and confidence by sheer volume of bribes. Or lies that made people believed that they are who they are. Or ride the wave of popularity such as the big screen and get a movie fan population voting for a governance idiot in our halls.

Truly, DEATH PENALTY but only for public officials who commits GRAFT, PLUNDER, and CORRUPTION makes sense and very logical.

Let us not follow blindly what the church says that death penalty is anathema to our faith. The system that we have is continually sentencing to death millions of Filipinos just because of these corrupt officials. God is invoking us to take actions. We are not moving.

Evil thrives when good men do nothing.

Read more to learn more why DEATH PENALTY TO GRAFT, PLUNDER, AND CORRUPTION is the only viable solution to revive a slowly dying nation.

Why Philippine 2019 Election, and Previous Elections, are Exercises in Futility.


Why Philippine 2019 Election, and Previous Elections, are Exercises in Futility.

On Philippine Politics

Only the elected officials will mostly benefit. Not the country. Stark reality. Painful to consider but you have to agree with me. It’s our lot.

Not all good natured Filipinos who wanted to serve our nation were at fault. The system that we have is fundamentally flawed. Justice on the rape and plunder of a nation is absent.

Let’s face it and accept the reality of politics in our country. We can no longer believe and trust what political candidates promised. Or look upon the good they have done before. The system will definitely corrupt them after their first term in position. We can only be assured of their sincerity in public service when they accept full accountability and put themselves in a check-and-balance law. They must conform and agree to their own Death Penalty. Only for public servants who do graft, plunder, and corruption while in their term of unservice or task of nation bleeding.

No good plans will work, no unblemished record will last, and no fund for works would be available, if we don’t solve all problems from the rootcause.

These three: graft, plunder, and corruption are the root causes of all problems we have. Get maximum penalty staring at the inherently corrupt and they will no longer have the motivation to run and win election. Or else they will seal their own death sentence. Simple isn’t it? The main problem is, will they push a law that will incriminate them on their evil plans? I guess the answer is they will not. They all want to just rape the Mother Land and get rich.

Until when? Until there is one brave and passionate statesman who will champion this cause. A person in the Senate or Congress who will just focus in getting a law of “DEATH PENALTY FOR GRAFT, PLUNDER, AND CORRUPTION” in effect. A lawmaker who believes that public office needs personal accountability, honor, and integrity equivalent to his own life when caught and proven otherwise.

Sa ngayon, habang wala pa ang check-and-balance law na ito, sa totoo lang, naglolokohan lang tayong mga Pilipino.

How to solve the broken political system of the Philippines once and for all.