3 steps to keep you and your family safe when disaster strikes


From tornadoes in the Midwest, to earthquakes in Nepal and Haiti, to the tsunami in Japan, the suffering after a major disaster is universal. No place on earth is free from danger.

That is why Operation Blessing delivers disaster

relief in real time — quickly reaching out to hurting families with hot meals, emergency supplies, helping hands, and the love of Christ.

Too often, as our teams pick through the debris of damaged homes searching for precious family mementos, we hear disaster victims say, “How could we have prepared for this?”

How you prepare for a disaster goes a long way in keeping you safe when it comes. Our disaster relief tips will help you create, manage and execute a plan to keep you and your family protected during a major disaster, and speed recovery after it passes.

We hope this guide is a helpful tool for your disaster preparedness arsenal, one that helps you weather the next storm in your life.

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Cost Saving and Income Generating B2B Solutions Below:

Kinetic Hydro Turbines with power from 0.2 to 8kw. Driven by the flow speed, they are intended to be used submerged in channels, big water pipes and rivers with NO HEAD.


Rooftop Domestic Solar Power and Solar Powered Water Pump for Irrigation


Boiler Blowdown Heat Recovery and Cost Saving Project


SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) System Integration


Mini Biodiesel Plant from Used Cooking Oil


Smart WIFI Remote Camera Viewing and Control. Integral Two Way Audio for Condos, Offices, Stores, and Homes.


Anaerobic Digestion. Biogas. W2E.

We do Biogas plant design, construction and consultancy. We offer German power and waste treatment technology and solutions for any kind of organic waste.

Small and compact automated anaerobic digester


Medium to large automated digester tank farm system, 100 to 2MWH power generation.


Large to super large lagoon type mixed and automated anaerobic digestion systems, 200 to 22MW power generation.


Reference Biogas Plant in the Philippines:


We’ve done over 400+ biogas plant around the world.

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) for W2E of 500KWe (and above) from waste conversion is available. We can assess, validate, verify project sustainability and feasibility, design a matched system for your kind and quantity of substrate, and offer a corresponding solid or liquid waste tank or lagoon based biogas or biomethane plant.

Jess C. Gregorio

PlanET Biogas Global GmbH

Email: j.gregorio@planet-biogas.com

Email: gregoriojess@yahoo.com

Website: http://en.planet-biogas.com/

10 Possible Future Disasters


Make Things Better




It is a breakthrough technology that can address highly polluted lakes, rivers or shorelines in the Philippines.

A fast and effective solution to decontaminate water and restore ecological health damaged by oil spills or effluent related pollutants. This technology will save our coastal areas and beaches from the stench and pollution brought by oil and other contaminants.

Floating oils and fuels are disintegrated upon contact with BOC’s. BOCs are not a toxic chemical dispersant. It actually breaks down the oil, grease and fats floating on water surface to its base components making it bio-available to the indigenous biology that turns it into H20 and CO2 fast enough before they reach the shoreline, (accelerated bioremediation) Safe enough to use in fish ponds and fish pens to increase dissolved oxygen in water and maintain a healthy environment for breading fish.BOCs are presently used in a variety of industries including waste water treatment, Its like having the ability to command nature to act at once and solve the water pollution problem.

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Clean and revive rivers, lakes, and seas

A non-chemical solution that both sweep and remediate river, lakes, and seas. 

Organically engineered catalyst used is also a proven aeffective solution to enhance STP and WWTP operation.


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