How To Defeat Evil SOP And Corruption In Times Of Crisis And Large Public Money Allocations

The Sword Of Damocles Must Hang On Every Seat Of Power.

It is the only way to solve a rotten political system filled with graft, plunder, and corruption. The only way to do away with evil SOP.

Not until there is a law that will give death sentence to graft, plunder, and corruption, threats from government officials to jail those who will steal big amount of money to fight Covid-19, steal calamity funds, steal emergency funds, or steal money from any normal time government function and programs, the threat broadcasted on national TV or written on national newspapers will be nothing but that- threats.

Initiating and implementing “Death Penalty to Graft, Plunder, and Corruption,” will prove that a current administration is really serious in fixing the country. Words alone assuring the public that corruption will not be tolerated has been used over and over again in the past and we saw over and over again that it has no effect. The absence of a law to really stop corruption has given even the lowest public servant confidence to demand a share on the loot of public funds as per SOP. The principle of “Everybody Happy” in effect.

It is the same thing since time immemorial.

Our political system has no strong accountability and that every public servant, one way or the other, benefit from the evil SOP. The desire to quick wealth is strong on projects or programs with great amount of public fund allotments.

Only “Death Penalty to Graft, Plunder, and Corruption” can solve a rotten system and evil SOP.

Let the “Sword of Damocles” hang on heads of everyone who wanted public office. The true and honest public servant have nothing to fear. The charlattans and pretenders would think twice. The thieves who got used to having the tax payer provide for their lavish lifestyle can finally sign his own death sentence.

All problems that we have in our country are compounded by graft, plunder, and corruption. From internal usurpation of our public officials to external exploitation of other countries, the system made it so. SOP is the unseen presence that made the decision makers decide the other way. It is a system that justify the thought that doing public service must compensate one over and above what is reasonable at the expense of the whole nation. The continuing theft literally extinguishing the money that is supposed to be uplifting our country through good governance. That is when our leaders get desperate and say we don’t have enough money when actually we have ample reserve- only that it gets stolen. So what is the solution? There is one and only one. Protect the public fund. How? There is one and only one way. Dissuade these crooks from holding public office by having a law, “Death Penalty to Graft, Plunder, and Corruption.” When a leader cannot do that, then his or her good intention to correct a perrenial error in governance of our country is questionable. That he or she is just another leader like the ones before and would just like to play the game of politics.

Full accountability and maximum penalty could have complemented the release of Billions of money to fight Covid-19 on an EO under emergency power to protect it and get Juan properly assisted. But it was never discussed, I doubt if ever been raised, or perhaps even imagined. Maybe it is status quo. SOP looked at by our expectant public servants.

Let us prepare ourselves then to ask the same questions we asked before in the different calamities our country experienced.


Nose bleed!

Take two! But this time in Tagalog and English para madali intindihin.

Billions of Peso to fight Covid-19 Contamination is in danger of being corrupted. There is no extreme measures done to protect it. The existing laws proved to be inutile in the past. There are so many ways to escape it through legal technicalities and delays in proceedings. In fact, a practice in futility as we have observed in the past.

Honorable crooks come and go. Convicted, pardoned, and set free. Able to ply their trade once again. The laws that we currently have does not stop wrongdoing. It perpetrates the injustice done by creating a hibernation stage so that society can forgive and forget later.

Hanggang walang “Death Penalty to Graft, Plunder, and Corruption” these threats of kalaboso will stay just as they are, just threats. Walang makukulong. It is the same everytime since time immemorial. Matapang lang sa salita. Kuno lang mga iyan.

Ang totoo, lahat sa pulitika nakikinabang sa SOP lalo na sa malalaking pondo ng mga government projects or program. Ang laking pondo ang lumabas for Covid-19 Crisis. Kanya-kanyang kupit na. Pagkakataon na ng Easy Money! Hanggang walang maximum penalty for corruption, hanggang walang EO na death sentence sa mga mahuhuling mangungurakot ng pera para isalba si Juan sa Covid-19, magpapatuloy ang nakawan sa pagdaloy ng bilyon bilyon na perang nairelease.

Ang tanong, bakit nga ba walang extreme order to protect and account for these public funds except existing laws na alam naman natin ay maraming butas at madaling malusutan and i-extend until kingdom come on legal technicalities?

Nakalulungkot na may mga bagong matapat na public servants na balang araw ay kakainin rin ng bulok na sistema ng pamamahala.

Habang may emergency power, puwede na siguro itulak under EO ang Death Penalty for Graft, Plunder, and Corruption to protect Covid-19 funds from being stolen and corrupted. Di lang for Bgy Captains, isama lahat ng kawani ng gubyerno from the highest to the lowest position. Lahat ng mandated officials. Wala dapat sasantuhin. Pag may suspicion, imbistigahan agad after the crisis, pag napatunayan, bitay ang parusa.

It is the only way we can protect tax payers money. It is the only way we can stop SOP. It is the only way we can beat the system. It is the only way the government can recover the trust of all Filipinos. It is the only way we can eradicate partisan politics. It is the only way we can prevent thieves from running in an election and win it. It is the only true way to help the poor. It is the only way to make the Philippines great again.

The “Sword of Damocles” must hang in every seat of power to protect public trust and interest. Without, the Rotten Political System and Evil SOP will forever be in our midst instead.

May God save us.


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