Learn not to be entangled on the web of life.

Learn not to be entangled on the web of life.

Let no emotions, expectations, and demands within you, or from others stop you.

You are a child of the universe. You have the right to be here. You are the Captain of your own fate. Allow no one to steer your ship to where you do not want to go. Neither let them distinguish for you the directions to take. Nor the actions to be taken.

They have their own life to live. Just as you have yours. It will never be the same. No matter how close the human bond in between.

Be happy with your lot. Never on others.

The truth is, you will never be completely a part of anybody’s life. Proving to be so is a folly that would be hard to discover in a lifetime. What so with all the ideologies, rules, concepts, and estimations of human relations keeping you from discovering it.

You will only be disappointed. Frustrated. Tired of trying. Neglected. Abandoned.

Learn to be free.

Away from delusionary ideas and icons that the world owe you something. That you deserve respect and appreciation from anybody. You cannot demand. You must never insist. You don’t have control of the human spirit, mind, and soul. It will be a capital burden to you if any you think you deserve won’t be given to you. It is all relative to our own existence. Never absolute.

Be kind to yourself. Stick to this truth and be free. Free yourself from the chain of humanly inspired limitations and prison wall. Never adopt others life, or earnestly be part of theirs, it will never be. That is the basic law of life.

The true and sure way of loving others is to love yourself first. Take good care of yourself first. Being kind to yourself first. Sorry to burst your bubble but it is the only way to a happy and fulfilled life.

I have observed this truth with so much pain along the way. So many years of being stubborn and believing it was otherwise. Hoping and praying for it to be then. It was not.

Today I woke up with a realization that life is what you create for yourself. Not what others would create in you.

Unity and oneness is a lie. It is non-existent. Only God could do that. So, if God is not in any human relationship, there could never be unconditional love.

The sole thing that bonds human together is respect and consideration, nothing else. But the decision is with the person. It could be given or not. They can let you in or shut you out. That is the ground you cannot demand no matter what humanly inspired concept both rested on. The power rest on the individual and you cannot do anything. That is the simple truth. Trying hard to invalidate it is a waste of effort and time.

Today I’m going to be a new man.

Untangled and more at peace.

I am free.


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