Life Hacks and Everyday Life Solutions. Set 1

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How To Extinguish A Fire Easily

How To Make Your Mobile Phone A Magnifier And A Microscope

How To Experience Virtual Reality

How To Make Your TV More Than A TV. Turn It Into A Media Player.

How To Heat Or Cool Directly From Your Bed Mattress. Sleep Well.

How To Remotely Control Folded Paper Plane With Your Mobile Phone

How To Remotely Monitor And Control Your Air Conditioning System

How To Turn Your Smart Phone Into A Picture And Video Microscope

How To Remotely Detect Flood And Fire

How A Simple Toy Can Bring Back Our Childhood. Not Too Old To Play.

How A Paper Airplane Fly Like A Controllable Drone

How To Catch Corruptors, Grafters, Extortionist, And Other Erring Public Servants

How To Teach Kids Basics Of PC Assembly And Coding

How Artificial Intelligence Can Be Your Personal Running Exercise Trainer

How An Anti Sleep Watch Can Keep You Awake, Safe, And Alert.

How To Fit A Guitar Into Your Backpack

How To Use A Paper Thick Solar Charger To Power Up Your Mobile Phone.

How To Have Cool Wall Lights Programmed From Your Android or IOS Devices

Male Performance Enhancers. On And Off The Floor.

How To Cure Obesity And Lose Weight Naturally

How To Protect Yourself From Skin Cancer

How Exoskeleton Can Protect, Strengthen, And Support Human Body

How To Remove Wrinkles, Lift Face, Tighten Skin, And Look Young Again

How To Keep Abreast On Farming Technology As They Happen Anywhere In The World

How These 20 Books Made Charlie Munger A Millionaire. He Wants You To Read Them.

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