Landing in Thessalonica

Where are you called to witness faith?  If you close your eyes and pray for a moment today, saying to God, “Where is my Thessalonica?”  what image comes in your mind?  

To be honest, just now, my family came to mind.  Hmm.  It is true—while my family knows my faith is the center of my life and grew up Catholic, they do not share the faith now.  We had a lovely time at a family dinner Friday night.  Sometimes we get into good conversations about faith matters.  But my children believe what our pastor preached about this weekend from Sunday’s readings:  they believe everybody goes to heaven…immediately…forever. So active faith and relationship with God is not necessary, not important in terms of final destiny. 

There is a lot more in our culture that people generally believe—that is not Catholic teaching.  It is not scriptural. 

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