Turmeric & Curcumin: Rising Stars of the Nutrition World

Worldwide president of Sabinsa Corporation (East Windsor, NJ), Shaheen Majeed, said curcumin has become nearly ubiquitous in the marketplace. “Next time you’re in a group of people ask who is taking it and for what,” he suggested. “You’ll find out half the people there are taking curcumin for a range of different reasons: some for joint health, others for heart health, some for antioxidant properties, and others for inflammation, and some because their doctors told them to.”

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Kinetic Hydro Turbines with power from 0.2 to 8kw. Driven by the flow speed, they are intended to be used submerged in channels, big water pipes and rivers with NO HEAD.


Biogas. Biomethane. Anaerobic Digesters.

We do biogas plant construction. Power and waste treatment solutions for any kind of organic waste.

Small and compact automated anaerobic digester


Medium to large automated digester tank farm system, 100 to 2MWH power generation.


Large to super large lagoon type mixed and automated anaerobic digestion systems, 200 to 22MW power generation.


We’ve done over 400+ biogas plant around the world.

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Rooftop Domestic Solar Power and Solar Powered Water Pump for Irrigation


Boiler Blowdown Heat Recovery and Cost Saving Project


SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition)


Mini Biodiesel Plant from Used Cooking Oil