by Jess C. Gregorio

If you know Jesus and LOVE reigns in you, you will love Mary His mother like He did. A vassal of God for nine months would be incorruptible.

The bearer of LIFE defeated death like Christ defeated death- the Savior of lost souls. Not by dying on the cross but by just being the mother of the Savior. When the mortal body of Jesus was consummated in the final sacrifice, the flesh that was in Mary was likewise consumed as she was the giver of this mortal flesh. And if the Divine existed within a mortal like Mary, why can’t the Divine then protect the purity of the giver of flesh from the sins of the flesh? Would that be hard for God to do? Will God allow His instrument to be corrupted afterwards? Or even before?

If Jesus has tremendous love for all creation why will He not bestow upon Mary supernatural benefits that you guys are trying to strip her all the time? She is without sin because no sin can ever stand the Divine in her for nine months. Or else God won’t be God. And if God is there then sin can’t even get near. And because Mary gave Jesus this perfect free of sin womb it therefore follows that she is not affected by death. And even after Jesus birth, her divinity protected this sanctity because she of all creature has been blessed for all time being the mother of God. And God made sure to let us know that special grace given.

You people knew and memorized biblical texts but you don’t understand the meaning behind it all. Pray that you be given wisdom to understand what you read and not be used by satan to complicate the truth. Or else you will live your life like Pilate. So very near the truth but because of the worlds influence, his power and stature equivalent to spiritual pride nowadays, loses his wisdom, kept a blind eye, and ritually cleanse his hand for the world to acknowledge his ignorance and fear of the TRUTH Himself.

Again, if you are a follower of Christ and LOVE the way he does, you will do what He did, love His mother. Because of this love, the devil fears her. Throw lots of untruth in her direction.

I love my biological mother. If only I have the power to keep her by my side for as long as I live, I will keep her alive. But I am not God. I cannot give her immortality. Jesus is God. He loves her mother. He has the power and might to do what I cannot do for my earthly mother. Tell me, won’t He protect her from death or not?

If I can feel much love for my mother in my broken-ness, how much more of Jesus in His perfection? So stop degrading my Mother in Heaven because you do not know how my Savior loves her so much.

And if my Savior, Jesus Christ, is also your God, your Savior, might as well shut up because it won’t be right with Him.

The only one who hates the Immaculate Queen of Heaven so much because she became more powerful than he is satan. And his followers.