Biogas Plant Consultancy and Technical Services

We care about a stable operation of the AD plant and our clients can trust in 15 years of biological and technical experiance. Modern control engineering assist the communication between our operators and PlanET experts and guarantee a successfully running biogas plant.

On Recovering losses from boiler blowdown systems

If you have a pig farm and you want your waste turned into resources and profit.

Construction with high quality equipment for your biogas plant – trust the quality leader

Thanks to our innovative modular construction units (SYSTEMBIOGAS), we offer biogas plants with maximum flexibility in regards to possible expansions or efficient repowering and technical add-ons. All components are equipped with connection-ready interfaces (plug & play), meaning that expansions or changes can be made easily and cost-effectively at any time.

If you need a SCADA System Integrator

If you have a chicken farm and you want your waste turned into resources and profit.

Biomethane: Tomorrow’s green gas

Today, biogas is generally used directly at the place where it is produced in a CHP unit. However, biogas can also be upgraded to natural gas quality and fed directly into the natural gas network. This way, the upgraded gas can be transported flexibly and economically to the site of use. Here, the gas can be used to generate electricity and/or heat with enormous efficiency, or it can be used as fuel.

Converting Organic Waste to Energy

If you have food waste and you want it turned into resources and profit.

On farm solution. Agricultural biogas plants ensure additional profit for farmers.

Why invest in anaerobic digestion right now? Recycling slurry through an AD plant provides a sustainable system for adding value to farm waste, and boosting farm income. A 100% slurry system means that there is no requirement to grow additional forage crops. It is possible to simply utilize the existing farm waste stream. Adding value to waste, gives one such opportunity to boost efficiency.


Local or Remote Data Monitoring is Vital Business Information

If you have an agricultural farm and you want your waste turned into resources and profit.

Design Manual of Industrial Steam Generation System

Proper planning and professional design are fundamental prerequisites, not only for the trouble-free

and efficient operation of a steam boiler system, but also for the safety of people and the environment.


Steam Boiler and Steam Turbine Internal Corrosion and Erosion Prevention while in Operation

If you have landfill problems and wanted to turn waste into resources and profit.

“Dark DNA” Could Change How We Think About Evolution


Residential, Commercial Warehouses and Industrial Manufacturing Rooftop Solar Power Plants.

If you have a sugar mill and you want your waste turned into resources and profit.


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