Turnkey Biogas Power Plant on Project Financing


We are PlanET Biogas Global GmbH.  We have designed, built, and commissioned more than 400 biogas plants everywhere in the world.  Our corporate office, R&D, engineering, and global sales headquarter is based in Vreden, Germany.

Last year, we had the following milestone below:

-the first PlanET biogas power plant in the Philippines was constructed and commissioned recently.

-the first AD plant built with PlanET material packages in China has been operating since mid of last year. More under construction.

-Lethbridge, Canada announced the complete installation of a high-pressure sterilization enabling the use of organic substrates including carcasses.

-In the Eastern part of Canada, PlanET Biogas solutions successfully constructed the first big steel tank at Boyle, Nova Scotia.

-France has established itself as core market. We have realized 13 plants this year, with 8 currently under construction and 25 yet to come.

-With the same confidence, we look into the UK service market and are keen to benefit from its huge potential with our partner Singleton Birch.

-In America, we have strengthened our relations and increased our contacts in Brasilia.

-We managed to conquer the hard times of the European biogas sector and proudly remain one of the leading constructors worldwide.

We also do MSW W2E and biomethane power plant projects.

We offer our biogas technology and solution to anyone who has substantial sustainable residual organic waste, agricultural crop residue, animal manure, food waste, carcasses, organic fats/oil/grease, or any soft non-toxic decaying waste that can be a feed or substrate to a digester to generate biogas.

In line with this objective, we are inviting livestock farms, agricultural farms and plantations, cities or provinces with large organic MSW, slaughter houses, dressing plants, and others who wanted to use these waste and have their own biogas plant through project financing.

We can help you turn your waste into resources. Add more profit to your operation either through power sold to the grid or cut cost by having your own waste fueled genset. Save you cost on wastewater treatment. Extend bottomline in solid/liquid fertilizer sale. Gets your operation into “GREEN” mode because your biogas plant is a “zero waste” contraption.

If interested, kindly answer the questions below and email back to me for our initial assessment and consideration.  We will give you a feedback, a visit, or ask more questions to possibly include you on the many who would like to avail of such opportunity.





Landline Telephone Nos.:

Mobile Phone Nos.:

Email Address:

Do you have an existing biogas plant (y/n):

If yes, What type:

Capacity (Cubic Meter):

Kind of substrate or waste organic material (write all available):

Availability of each type (ton/day, ton/wk, ton/month, ton/year):

Estimated dry matter of each organic waste?:

What is your plan on having it? (waste treatment/flare, generate power, turn into biomethane):

When used as fuel to generate electricity, sell to the grid or own use?:

If it needs to be connected to the grid, how far is the nearest grid connection (km)?:

Do you have space for digester tanks to be constructed on?:

When do you want it done for you?:

What is your average power consumption per month? (kW):

What is your average power bill per month (PhP)?:

Anything you wish to add in your desire for a fully financed biogas plant project?:

Looking forward to hear from you.

Browse how others used their waste to create progress.


Jess C. Gregorio

Affiliate Marketing and Project Lead Generation Manager for the Philippine Territory

Email Address:





JcGreg Solutions. Only the Best.



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