Want a Gas Station on Your Property?

A gas station on your property.

– If you have at least 1,000 sq. meters of vacant lot property

– willing to deal with a long term lease agreement

– land property is beside a busy roadway

– if you are the owner of this property and the one instrumental to sign a lease agreement on it

– can send via email a property location map

– can send via email a scan of Title Deed of property

We would like to preliminarily check submitted map and title, assess location of interested parties, short list desired locations, call, talk, or make a personal appointment with property land owner directly for the most possible sites.

Email me your interest on the above business opportunity.

Jess C. Gregorio


There is really no need to shutdown an Island Resort.

There is no need to really shutdown an Island Resort.

You can have clean coastline water while inland repair is being done.

It is a fast and efficient method of decontaminating coastal waters from fecal based coliforms. Water is being oxidized at the rate of 20,000 gpm, 30 ft. deep down, in just 20 seconds.


The boat bombards the water with oxygen (ozone or O3). Organism and natural habitat of the sea is oxygen-boosted thereby empowering them to naturally neutralize environmentally harmful human fecal coliforms. Thus the sea goes back to sustainable condition and cope with the additional load.

A very good analogy is when extra oxygen is given to a sick person to help tissues and organs cope and withstand sickness. More oxygen on the sea does not kill anything. It just gives extra appetite to all to consume food, in this regard, organic fecal matters. It gives all living matters on the sea extra hold in life to create balance and restore order. Even strengthen small fishes to grow bigger and have more life. Oxygen enhances flora and fauna of the seas so to say. Promotes underwater photosynthesis which is vital for sustainable life. Oxygen does not kill algae or small fishes- in reality, it is the other way around.

This solution is a proven method applied in the USA for the last 15 years.

This approach can save stakesholders businesses by keeping the sea in working condition while we do inland infrastructure corrections.

Open the attached videos on the given link above to see the boat decontaminating Miami beaches, rivers, marinas, and bays. These are heavily populated areas but thanks to the Scavenger, the last stand on any escaping human or animal pollutants, the bodies of water around Miami and nearby beaches of Florida are continuously being decontaminated of coliforms.

For inquiry and RFQ, do email:

Jess C. Gregorio


Christ offered himself for us

Christ offered himself for us

From a treatise on faith addressed to Peter by Saint Fulgentius of Ruspe, bishop

The sacrifices of animal victims which our forefathers were commanded to offer to God by the holy Trinity itself, the one God of the old and the new testaments, foreshadowed the most acceptable gift of all. This was the offering which in his compassion the only Son of God would make of himself in his human nature for our sake.

The Apostle teaches that Christ offered himself for us to God as a fragrant offering and sacrifice. He is the true God and the true high priest who for our sake entered once for all into the holy of holies, taking with him not the blood of bulls and goats but his own blood. This was foreshadowed by the high priest of old when each year he took blood and entered the holy of holies.

Christ is therefore the one who in himself alone embodied all that he knew to be necessary to achieve our redemption. He is at once priest and sacrifice, God and temple. He is the priest through whom we have been reconciled, the sacrifice by which we have been reconciled, the temple in which we have been reconciled, the God with whom we have been reconciled. He alone is priest, sacrifice and temple because he is all these things as God in the form of a servant; but he is not alone as God, for he is this with the Father and the Holy Spirit in the form of God.

Hold fast to this and never doubt it: the only-begotten Son, God the Word, becoming man offered himself for us to God as a fragrant offering and sacrifice. In the time of the old testament, patriarchs, prophets and priests sacrificed animals in his honor, and in honor of the Father and the Holy Spirit as well. Now in the time of the new testament the holy catholic Church throughout the world never ceases to offer the sacrifice of bread and wine, in faith and love, to him and to the Father and the Holy Spirit, with whom he shares one godhead.

Those animal sacrifices foreshadowed the flesh of Christ which he would offer for our sins, though himself without sin, and the blood which he would pour out for the forgiveness of our sins. In this sacrifice there is thanksgiving for, and commemoration of, the flesh of Christ that he offered for us, and the blood that the same God poured out for us. On this Saint Paul says in the Acts of the Apostles: Keep watch over yourselves and over the whole flock, in which the Holy Spirit has appointed you as bishops to rule the Church of God, which he won for himself by his blood.

Those sacrifices of old pointed in sign to what was to be given to us. In this sacrifice we see plainly what has already been given to us. Those sacrifices foretold the death of the Son of God for sinners. In this sacrifice he is proclaimed as already slain for sinners, as the Apostle testifies: Christ died for the wicked at a time when we were still powerless, and when we were enemies we were reconciled with God through the death of his Son.