Solution to Avoid Total Island Resort Shutdown

Solution to Avoid Island Resort Total Closure.

It is a fast and efficient method of decontaminating island coastal waters from fecal based coliforms. Water is being oxidized at the rate of 20,000 gpm, 30 ft. deep down, in just 20 seconds.

The boat bombards the water with oxygen (ozone or O3). Organism and natural habitat of the sea is oxygen-boosted thereby empowering them to naturally neutralize environmentally harmful human fecal coliforms. Thus the sea goes back to sustainable condition and cope with the additional load.

A very good analogy is when extra oxygen is given to a sick person to help tissues and organs cope and withstand sickness. More oxygen on the sea does not kill anything. It just gives extra appetite to all to consume food, in this regard, organic fecal matters. Displaces nitrogen. And giving all living matters on the sea extra hold in life to create balance and restore order. Even strengthen small fishes to grow bigger and have more life. Oxygen enhances flora and fauna of the seas so to say. Promotes underwater photosynthesis which is vital for sustainable life. Oxygen does not kill algae or small fishes- in reality, it is the other way around.

This solution is a proven method applied in the USA for the last 15 years.

This approach can save stakesholders businesses and island residents livelihood by keeping the sea in working condition while inland infrastructure corrections are being done.

Open the attached videos on the given link above to see the boat decontaminating Miami rivers and bay.

There is no harmful effect because the only element being mixed into the water is Oxygen. But this time in great amount. It has a US Patented onboard ozonification chamber technology. River, lake, or sea water passes through this chamber and receives Oxygen.

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