One Car per Operator Policy for Ride Sharing Operation. The Only Way to Solve the Complication.

The principle of ride sharing is a noble thought. It keep most private vehicles away from the road because riders see safety and convenience. It will therefore work out traffic congestion through vehicle reduction when car owners no longer drive their own cars to and from school or work. It gives Juan a chance to run his own business. It creates positive public transport benchmark that will enhance general PUV level of service.

There is no demand for strict government regulation. The service is way above current PUV operation on any level. It will just be another probable corruption area where officials can milk the life out of the company or its private drivers by using many regulatory laws as basis to make money on and off the road.

If this happen, private car owners will pull out, Uber and GRAB would cease operating and we are back to the horrors of riding rolling coffins and maniacs/thieves on the wheels. 

Simply said, more regulations would kill ride sharing and turn it into another taxi operation scheme. Majority of us hate taxi with all their inefficiencies.

If government wanted control, then there is no best way but put through one car ride sharing car policy. This will neutralize greed of moneyed fleet owners and ride sharing companies. Would even the field too and would benefit all without decent family income.

With all the complications that we learn and see regarding this ride sharing system, any more additional laws or rules to add to its original simple mechanics would create more problems.

Reverse engineering is a way to troubleshoot most problems. Going back to the simplest condition where it is enough to operate properly is the best way. Simple and yet very effective. Adding more complications over and above on its already complicated situation at present would further create runaway conditions. 

I am talking as an Industrial Instrumentation and Control Specialist who had so many years of experience in troubleshooting runaway control system and looking in on this ride sharing management and control complication. I love the services of these ride sharing companies because I have suffered so much as a Filipino riding PUV’s my entire life. I hate these regulated PUV system that we have in our country. It was a big relief to have these ride sharing services. For once, I was happy that I can feel the great change on this area of public service in our country. Hence I must say something to protect it. 

To LTFRB, DOTC, LTO, Executive, Legislative, Judicial, our Philippine Government, those we elected to make things better for the Philippines:

The simplest way to solve the ride sharing problem, all problems in fact that stems out of it, is to do reverse engineering. Very simple and straightforward. 

1. Do not add more complication by putting more regulations. 

2. Do not oblige private operator/driver to deal with transport agencies directly. Leave ride sharing companies to trade directly with them (control and documentation, taxation, internal regulation and penalties) and government to just deal with these ride sharing companies. This would simplify the relationship and would protect the simple driver on the street from money making traffic enforcers and vultures.


My one cent idea and recommendation.

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2 thoughts on “One Car per Operator Policy for Ride Sharing Operation. The Only Way to Solve the Complication.

  1. Ces August 4, 2017 / 3:30 pm

    The employees and officials of LTFRB have multiple units under Grab and Uber. If they will have their way, they will be the one to benefit the most. There are times that the government should let matters alone.


  2. Rod Lee August 4, 2017 / 7:25 am

    I wholeheartedly agree with this idea, the common ‘tao’ is being doubled-tripled taxed that the only recourse right now is to move to the jungle and grow everything yourself.


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