Shredding technology and macerators

Efficient protection, shredding and treatment

RotaCut, X-Ripper twin-shaft macerators and combinations of a pump and shredding technology for special applications: Vogelsang shredding technology ensures smooth operations in biogas and sewage treatment plants, in the food and raw materials processing industries and in agriculture. Whether you simply need to protect your pumps and systems against fibres, coarse matter and foreign matter, or you need defined shredding and treatment, mobile or stationary. With RotaCut and X-Ripper, you will always find a solution to your task with our products. Find out how to protect your plant against coarse matter and ensure the flow of substrates.


macerator with integrated heavy material separator

macerates fibres and coarse matter

separates out heavy material

homogenises suspensions


Powerful twin-shaft macerator

Treats large and coarse solid matter

Suitable for fluids and bulk goods

Sturdy and reliable

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Affiliate Technical Marketing and Project Lead Generation Manager for the Philippine Territory

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