Operation of Continuous, Surface Boiler Blowdown Heat Recovery

With the concepts already laid out, explaining how a Madden boiler blowdown heat recovery system works is pretty easy.

When the hot continuous surface blowdown enters its flash tank, the flash steam that is produced when entering the low pressure vessel, is designed to be piped back to a D/A tank, instead of going to atmosphere. There are many valuable B.T.U’s in the flash steam that can be reused in the D/A tank so that less fuel/heat are needed to keep the water boiling in the boiler.

After the flash steam has been released and vented to the D/A tank, the remaining hot boiler blowdown leaves the bottom of the vessel when a float valve is activated and passes through/over either a coiled heat exchanger or U-tube type heat exchanger.

Here, the water the boiler operator uses as make up water, should first be piped through the heat exchanger of the Madden heat recovery system. It serves a dual purpose. First, this make up water (normally around 60 degrees) will be cooling the dirty boiler blowdown to under 140 degrees so that it can safely and legally drain to the city sewer. Second, on the flip side, it is picking up B.T.U’s from the hot boiler blowdown. It picks up heat.

So now instead of sending 60 degree make up water to the boiler, the boiler operator can constantly be sending make up water that has picked up 10+ degrees from the hot blowdown water. Much less fuel is then needed to continue boiling, and this starts to add up when you consider it is happening 24/7/365 days out of the year!

If your boiler room has a boiler or boilers utilizing continuous surface blowdown, and you do not already have some form of heat recovery, give us a call! We would love to start working on this project with you to save B.T.U’s and therefore thousands of dollars.
Boiler Blowdown Heat Recovery. Fast and Sure Way to Save Fuel and Optimize Boiler Operstion.

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Boiler Blowdown Heat Recovery


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