How Madden offers fast lead times on boiler blowdown equipment: Get blowdown separators in as little as 1-2 weeks

It is costly to stock entire units, so we started with the blowdown separator to see if the option to dramatically decrease the lead time would take off with our distributors and end users.

Here’s why Madden can offer 1-2 week lead times on some of their more popular blowdown separator designs:

Madden blowdown separators models are pre-designed to be sized for intermittent bottom boiler blowd off based on the operating pressure of the boiler. The flash tank on the separator must be sized to handle the maximum amount of flash steam and water at any given second during the blowdown, and the vent sized specifically to handle the flash steam rate and drain to handle the remaining hot water. Our aftercoolers are sized based on the flash tank’s drain, with a coinciding automatic temperature regulating valve for the cooling water.


This means, for our most popular designs, the BD230C44, BD230D45, and the BD230E55, we can keep BD230E55’s in stock at all times, and use them for emergency inquiries where the applications call for a BD230C44 or D45 by simply bushing down to the correct piping.

All of these units are sized to handle boilers operating up to 150 PSI. This means a BD230E55 with a 2” NPT inlet, and 5” 150# flanged vent and drain is a little excessive for a boiler operating at a lower pressure and blowing down with a smaller blow off pipe.
But for a minimal additional cost, we believe there is a great benefit for end users to bush their piping to fit a BD230E55 if it means they can have the unit on site in as little as a week!


The next time you are a part of hospital, prison, university, or food plant addition or new site build that involves a boiler room, or when you need an emergency replacement, seek out a Madden Manufacturing representative for pricing and availability.

Our small family owned manufacturing company has years of experience and is known for our responsive service and durable products. And now we’re focusing on increasing our production speeds.

Very few companies if any can offer emergency boiler blowdown separators in as little as a week without compromising the integrity and function of the blow off separator’s design.

Boiler Blowdown Heat Recovery. Fast and Sure Way to Save Fuel and Optimize Boiler Operstion.

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Boiler Blowdown Heat Recovery
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