Thermal Power Generation. Fuji Electric Global.

Since we delivered our first machine in 1959, Fuji Electric has consistently provided basic planning, design, manufacturing, construction, commissioning and after-sales services for thermal power plants based on steam turbines and generators. We promise to provide design, high efficiency and high reliability tailored to our customers’ needs for all types of thermal power plants—from conventional coal-fired power plants to combined cycle and combined heat and power cogeneration plants. Fuji Electric is a world leader in the field of geothermal power generation and contributes greatly to the environment by reducing CO2 emissions.

More performance in your workplace. The advanced technology of Fuji Electric can create a lot more efficiency.

We support your business with trusted and proven Japanese technology based on extensive know-how, expertise and project track record of so many years.

See the range of technology Fuji Electric can offer.

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