My fuel comes from my cows and chickens

In Summary

Nyaga does not only use cow dung to generate biogas, the waste from chicken too ends up in the bio-digester and the resultant energy is used mainly for cooking at home.

He also makes his own dairy meal as trained by officials from the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organisation in Naivasha in 2014.

The chicken waste is also used to feed the dairy animals after it is dried in the sun to remove excess moisture and sieved to extract foreign material.

Generating his own biogas saves him at least Sh10,000 a month, which he would have used on electricity bills, cooking gas and buying of fertiliser as he uses the mixture from the bio-digester to grow crops.

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Turn organic waste into useful resources

Advance technology biogas power plant. Safe. Efficient. Reliable. Well Engineered.

We have lots of waste in the Philippines. 
Perhaps you have these waste and may not be aware that you can have power without fuel cost.

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