Running the Numbers for Tesla’s Solar Roof: How Much Will It Cost You?

Based on previously successful products, we can make some assumptions about Tesla’s solar roof shingle. Each shingle has a 6-inch solar cell; assuming a very high efficiency cell, one can generate about 6 watts maximum per shingle (solar shingles run hot, since unlike conventional solar panels, there is minimal ventilation behind the cell).

One thousand shingles would be a 6-kilowatt system, which is about the average size. But each shingle requires a + and a – wire connector, implying 2,000 connectors for 1,000 shingles. That’s too many points of failure, and too many small shingles to install manually.

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Heat and cool your process without operating cost.

Generate steam and cooling mediums with no operational cost. Perhaps a hybrid system coupled to a normal boiler for continuous heating and cooling.

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