Nothing to waste on Shubenacadie farm

Six times per day the alleys are scraped of waste in an effort to convert it to electricity.
Among the homesteads of Shubenacadie there exists a dairy farm named Windmill Holsteins, producing power for itself and its neighbours since April 12, 2014.

But funny enough, there isn’t a windmill in sight.

The property belongs to one Derek Mostert, alongside his wife Lori-Anne and four children, two sons and two daughters.

The name Windmill Holsteins pays homage to Derek’s Dutch heritage, but the renewable resource tapped on his property isn’t wind, it’s biogas.

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Turn organic waste into useful resources

Advance technology biogas power plant. Safe. Efficient. Reliable. Well Engineered.

We have lots of waste in the Philippines. 
Perhaps you have these waste and may not be aware that you can have power without fuel cost.

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Email your inquiry and RFQ to:

Jess C. Gregorio

Affiliate Marketing and Project Lead Generation Manager for the Philippine Territory



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