Efficient Grinding of Coarse Materials such as Textiles, Wood, Plastic, and other Inorganic Materials in Wastewater Applications

XRipper® XRC QD with SIK for Wastewater Applications
The heavy concentration of hair, rags and oatable non-organic debris creates the need for a grinder that can perform and last in harsh operating conditions. In wastewater, XRipper® is recommended due to its high ow range, low head loss and overall robust construction.
The XRipper® has a very large cutting area for its footprint and can retro t into an existing system in a variety of ways. Assembly options include channels, pipe line, or wet-well appli- cations to grind solids down to manageable sizes before passing through pumps or down- stream process equipment.
XRipper® is frequently chosen for raw sewage, collection systems, scum and sludge applications in municipal wastewater as well as industrial applications.

Quality Construction & Control
The cutting elements are precision machined as a single piece of steel. They are made from specially processed steel that is formulated to be ductile inside with an incredibly hard outer surface. This creates a cutting element that is highly resistant to impact abrasion while retaining sharp edges for superior cutting performance.
Cutting performance and size can be controlled in two ways. The first method is by the width of the blades. The XRC QD models allow for optional blade widths which generate different cuts. Finer blade width results in a smaller particle size. The other way to influence cut size is by rotation and higher RPM which produces a finer cut.

These kinds of application needs durability, strength of materials, and well crafted engineering design/manufacturing.


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