Fathers in Great Debt to Provide for the Wife and Children. Happy Father’s Day!

The role of a father is to provide for the family.  

In some ocassions, a father may have lost income generating job, or may have develop deficiency to properly earn for his wife and children.  Faced with the difficulty, he will get out of his way, lower his pride, and do what needs to be done just to get what wife and children need. Sometime incurring so much debt that he no longer fear getting jailed just for his family to be comfortable, well fed, a roof on their head, and a chance to live with some leverage in life.

The test is when you can say later in life, “Akala ko mayaman tayo. Hindi pala.”  That would prove that you grew up in a well protected environment created to cushion and protect you from the hardships of life.

Thank your dad. He might still be drowning in debt and can’t still repay loaners hehehe…

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