Online Solid Waste Ripper and Shredder for Flood Water Pumping System

Municipal and market solid waste in our flood water outlet clogs most of our pumping system.  That is even true even with the best screen filter in place.

What to do on this occuring problem every year especially during rainy season?

XRipper it! 

See demonstration video below.

Ripping, cutting, and pumping solids

These kinds of application needs durability, strength of materials, and well crafted engineering design/manufacturing.

Vogelsang: rotary lobe pumps,

inline macerators, twin shaft grinder,

land application, slurry management,

strip tillage, biogas & wastewater. Pumping, grinding, maceration and sludge handling. 

Read and view more info on the link below:

Email me your Inquiry or Request for Quotation.

Jess C. Gregorio

Sales & Marketing

InSpecIT Inc.

Unit 719/722 City & Land Mega Plaza Bldg.

ADB Ave., cor. Garner Road, Ortigas Center,

San Antonio, Pasig City 1605


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