Let us first determine the optimal heat exchanger:

The superior heat exchanger is the one that provides the required performance, within design limitations at a minimal cost.

The major design limitations are:

Maximal length of a heat exchanger. 

While offering the same heat transfer area, the longer heat exchanger with a smaller shell diameter is less expensive then a shorter one with bigger shell diameter.

Maximal flow velocity. 

The higher velocity of flow results in an improved heat transfer rate and smaller heat transfer area.

Maximal pressure drop.

The higher pressure drop permits a higher velocity of flow.

Size, location and construction of connections.

Your system is unique. To simplify the piping and proper fit to your system, you would prefer to have a heater with connections of your choice.

Price versus quality. 

In general, we will work with and within your limits. While we always optimize a heat exchanger for the lowest price, in some cases we recommend the selection of more expensive materials and design for a higher quality product. 

For instance, stainless steel tubes have superior mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. When stainless steel tubes are TIG welded to the tubesheet, the joint efficiency equals one.  In many cases, these advantages dictate the usage of more expensive stainless steel tubes. 

Another example is usage of a channel head which is more laborious and costly to produce than a bonnet head. However, a channel head makes it very easy to check and plug leaking tubes without dismounting the piping. A channel head permits the repair of a tube bundle in fuel oil suction heaters without draining the fuel oil from the storage tank.

Optimization of heat exchange through properly matched heat exchangers can greatly enhance operations and waste heat recovery.

Process Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers Applications:

General HVAC & Industrial Applications

 Special Applications

Heat Recovery Applications

Fuel Oil Heaters

Replacement Tube Bundles


Advanced Heat Transfer Equipment Engineering      

We do unique, alternative engineering designs and manufacturing of heat transfer equipment.
– Comprehensive Product Line
– Made in USA
– Patented Technology
– Advance Method of Heat Exchanger Optimization


Advanced Heat Transfer Equipment Engineering      

AHTE is based on a proven design methodology. All products are manufactured using the highest quality materials and an unsurpassed level of craftsmanship. The manufacturer earned its reputation for excellence in engineering and manufacturing across a wide range of sophisticated heat transfer products, setting us apart from our competitors. No matter which product and/or options you select you will receive a truly unique solution to address your specific needs whether they are HVAC, Industrial, Process or any other application.


· Unfired Steam Generators

· Hot Water Generators

· Heat Recovery Boilers

· Deaerators

· Pumping Systems

· Instantaneous Hot Water Heaters

· Blowdown Heat Recovery Systems

· Fuel Oil Pump & Heater Sets


· General Applications

· Special Applications

· Heat Recovery Applications

· Fuel Oil Heaters

· Replacement Tube Bundles


· District Heating Applications

· Commercial Heating &

            Hot Water Applications

· Industrial & Process Applications


· Gasketed

· Brazed

· Welded


· ASME Pressure Vessels

· Liquid/Vapor Separators

· Blowdown Separators

· Blowoff Tanks

· Pumping Systems

· Flash Separators

· Exhaust Heads

For Inquiry or RFQ (Request for Quotation) on posted technology solution, please email: gregoriojess@yahoo.com

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