How to improve your posture in 5 days

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Sitting in front of a computer all day, incorrect posture when reading and sedentary lifestyle – all those lead to an undesirable curvature of the spine.

Excessive stress on the chest and neck muscles leads to shoulder stiffness and weakness of muscles in the upper back.

I recommend using a Magnetic back-alignment belt for correcting body posture.

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Dahir Insaat Instant Mobile Shelter Technology

See video demonstration.

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Dahir Insaat Pot Hole Repair Technology

Introducing automated highway repair technology, from Dahir InsaatThe biggest line item when it comes to highway maintenance is patching work. We at Dahir Insaat have developed the world’s first specialized mobile highway-maintenance complex, which doesn’t just minimize patching costs—it solves the speed and quality problems too.

Check out video demonstration.

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