The World’s Smallest SOx Scrubber for Ships

Cyclone method
Fuji Electric’s SOx scrubber for ships is the first to use cyclone technology for its internal structure. From inside the scrubber, a highly diffused spray of wash water increases contact between exhaust gases and liquid droplets, removing SOx by absorption. Because the cyclone method makes a mixing plate – which needs regular maintenance– unnecessary, it also makes for lower maintenance costs.

The world’s smallest SOx scrubber
With the need to maximize space in ships, compactness is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a SOx scrubber. As a result of adopting cyclone technology, Fuji Electric’s SOx scrubber keeps pressure loss down to less than 1kPa, and has achieved a significant downsizing. Our SOx scrubber for a ship with a 10MW engine is two meters in diameter and seven meters tall. Compared to other SOx scrubbers in the market, in terms of volume, our scrubber is 50% more compact, which also means that it is lightweight, facilitating installation in ships.

Removes over 98% of SOx
Fuji Electric’s SOx scrubber can remove over 98% of sulphur in exhaust gases. Its operation can be optimized based on engine load, minimizing fuel consumption and the impact on operating costs. This is the result of the technological expertise and experience that Fuji Electric has accumulated over the years.
Video Demonstration:

Onboard testing of a SOx scrubber for a main engine (M/V NADESHIKO) (01:57)
In March 2016, Fuji Electric provided the EGCS (exhaust gas cleaning system) for a test called “Installation of an exhaust gas cleaning system (EGCS) for a main engine on an operating new-build vessel, and a practical test of a closed-loop mode“, a joint R&D effort that was supported and promoted by ClassNK and Imabari Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. This marked the first time in Japan for a SOx scrubber to be installed on a bulk carrier.


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