Fishing Industry Pumping and Solids Reduction Systems

The Vogelsang line of pumping and grinding units are designed to be combined into powerful processing devices that are easy to install and efficient on space.
Our VX Pumps can be configured with a RotaCut and/or an X-Ripper on a common skid to create a pumping and grinding unit in one powerful, compact package. Both the pump and grinder can be maintained in place without disturbing any connected piping. Each can also be serviced with routine maintenance in about an hour.  


Our VX Series Pumps handle highly viscous liquids that contain solids, debris and abrasive materials. Our pumps are pulsation free, low shear and high capacity. They can run dry, reverse on the fly and pull a suction lift to 25 feet. The VX pump is highly versatile and easy to maintain.
The Vogelsang X-Ripper has increased capacity compared to traditional products while eliminating the need for complicated chopping processes. Choosing Vogelsang X-Ripper achieves, higher capacity, space savings and longer lifecycle compared to typical tra- ditional cutting devices in the fishery industry. The precise cutting of the X-Ripper provides a large cavity that’s perfect for whole fish carcasses, heads, tails and other waste byproducts. This design also makes it possible to achieve your desired size limitations demanded by federal and state requirements.
RotaCut macerators can provide smaller cutting than ever possible before. RotaCut offers high capacity, up to 3500 GPM and pressures up to 87psi. RotaCut’s unique sheer cutting design allows us to cut from 1.5″ (38 mm) all the way down to .25″ (6 mm). Adding a RotaCut after offal pumps is a simple and easy way to reduce solids down to the required size.


Whether you need whole fish cutting, heads, tails or skins, Vogelsang has you covered. With the combination of X-Ripper and RotaCut we can meet any current federal or state guidelines for offal solid sizes.
Vogelsang is unique ability to cut the most difficult solids with X-Ripper and RotaCut, we have the solution you need for solids control. With the X-Rippers powerful cutting ability, and the RotaCut’s small size reduction we have you covered.
Comply with both state & federal guidelines using the X-Ripper and RotaCut to get smaller offal discharge particle sizes.
From small to big, Vogelsang products give you the most flexibility where you need it.

Cod Heads

Considered one of the most difficult processing tasks, Vogelsang X-Ripper power has the ability to cut Cod heads down to size and keep them under federal and state requirements. No matter if you are processing the fish heads onboard an offshore vessel, or onshore, we can take solids like no other grinding technology on the market today.
We first take X-Ripper to reduce large solids to smaller solids, then take the Vogelsang RotaCut to finish the job with precise grinding action. 

Salmon Skins 

Skins are a common problem with fish processing facilities both onboard, and off board. Vogelsang RotaCut’s shearing action takes even the most difficult stringy and fibrous skins down to minimal solid size with ease.
Due to RotaCut’s sheer cutting action with tight tension we have the ability to cut skins down to meet both federal and state solid sizes, so they are no longer in violation. We can meet these strict guidelines due to our screen sizes, and multiple blade options for RotaCut. Once inside the RotaCut, we can take high volume solids, and make them much smaller than any other cut- ting process

Whole Carcasses

Due to their sheer size, Vogelsang X-Ripper provides a large solids opening, and high throughput capability.
Carcasses can be difficult for most cutting products on the market, but since it has a large opening, the entire carcass has the ability to be chopped down to size in a single pass. X-Ripper’s unique rotor design provides a solution without any shims or spacers so it has the ability to cut smaller than most conventional designs..
Once cut down, we can run it through RotaCut to reduce the solids even smaller. RotaCut never needs tension adjustments thanks to our exclusive automatic tension- ing system that keeps stension the same and automatically adjusts for optimal cutting performance.

Fish Surimi

Surimi is a very fine puree of particles of fish, Vogelsang pro- vides products that have the abili- ty to not only pump this puree, but also cut solids down to specifications.
This paste like product is difficult to pump with normal pumping equipment, but Vogelsang HiFlo rotary lobe pumps are just the solution. HiFlo pumps are 100% pulsation free, and last longer than progressive cavity pumps or most any other positive displace- ment pump. With abilities to pump up to 1 million centipoise, Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps can handle this past with precise flow.

Skin Tanning

Since Vogelsang products are manufacture in many materials, Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps can take the process to the next level.
Pickling, pre-tanning, descaling, and degreasing operations rely on reliable equipment like rotary lobe pumps. With our ability to handle low pH slurries, Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps provide the optimum materials to match your process.
Dyeing and fat liquoring process with Vogelsang HiFlo pumps has never been easier.

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