51 Home-Based Business Ideas in the Philippines

Here is a list of small home-based business ideas you can start in the Philippines with small capital. There are fifty one ideas you can choose on. But be sure that you have the sufficient skills, talents, experience and passion to do and run these concepts successfully. You can do them on part-time, or if time doesn’t pressure you, you can also try to concentrate and give your full time. If you are currently employed with a certain company or employer, you might consider holding a little more time before you leave your regular job. There is always a right time and season for everything, including the escape from your office cubicle. Now, if you’re unemployed, or even if you’re employed but have controlled the risk of investing your time to business, the following ideas are for your consumption.

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Solutions and services that we can offer.

System Integration


Waste to Energy Biogas Power Plant


LED Lights Retrofitting


Solar Powered Water Pumping


Rivers, Lakes, and Sea Polllution Control


Steam System Internal Corrosion Control


Sun Powered Steam Generation and A/C


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