India Approves 3 Billion Rupees in Solar Pump Subsidies

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India approved 3 billion rupees ($49 million) in subsidies to help farmers install solar-powered water pumps to boost agricultural yields and reduce expensive diesel fuel use.

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy will provide grants to install 17,500 irrigation pumping systems to 2016 funded by a carbon tax on coal, according to a notice posted today on its website.

“Solar photovoltaic pumping systems can easily meet the irrigation requirements for small and marginal farmers,” the notice said. “It will increase the cropping intensity.”

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On running a water pump without operating cost

Use the sun.

Eliminate recurring expense on electricity or fuel to run a pump. 10 years warranty on solar panels, 2 years on MPPT Inverter, and 1 year for SS submersible pump.

A DIY installation. Simple. Easy. User friendly.

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Why some countries are rich and others poor


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Fifth of world’s food lost to over-eating and waste, study finds

Using data collected primarily by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization, the team found that more food is lost from the system than was previously thought.
Almost half of harvested crops — or 2.1 billion tonnes — are lost through over-consumption, consumer waste and inefficiencies in production processes, researchers say.
Livestock production is the least efficient process, with losses of 78 per cent or 840 million tonnes, the team found. Some 1.08 billion tonnes of harvested crops are used to produce 240 million tonnes of edible animal products including meat, milk and eggs.
This stage alone accounts for 40 per cent of all losses of harvested crops, researchers say.

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On turning organic waste into a non pollutant. Fuel to generate local power.

And create cost savings or income source by generating power to use or sell.

What the First World did to their waste? Turned it into biogas.

Organic Waste to Biogas, Biomethane, or Bio-LNG Resources

We have lots of rotting and stinking organic waste in our country. We can do the same.

How PlanET Biogas Global GmbH Spearheads World Biogas Technology

Browse how others used their waste to create progress.

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Artificial Intelligence Is Hot – Where Art Thou Heading AI? – Part 1

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Articial Intelligence (AI) can be defined as “an area of computer science that deals with giving machines the ability to seem like they have human intelligence” or “the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, which includes cognitive tasks such as planning, reasoning, and learning, and perceptual tasks such as recognizing speech, understanding text, and recognizing faces”. Some people prefer to use cognitive intelligence (maybe a somewhat more marketing-oriented term) instead of AI, some may use the term robotics, and some substitute machine intelligence or machine learning interchangeably with AI.

However, cognitive technologies and machine learning are sub-fields of AI. All machine learning is AI, but not all AI is about machine learning. Similarly, deep learning, a subset of machine learning, is all about machine learning, but not all machine learning is deep learning.

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On SCADA and Gateway RTU’s

We integrate, program and customize the following for your power plant, factory, building, process, and business operations- SCADA. FDAS. HMI. FMS. PLC. PAC. DCS. Gateway RTU. SMS. BMS.

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Elephant protein kills human cancer cells


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These dental fillings could allow your teeth to heal themselves.

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Solar Powered Water Pump. Do away with fuel and power cost.

We supply DIY or turnkey project solar pump system for domestic water usage or crop irrigation. Turnkey systems up to 15HP, 98 Mtrs max. well depth, max. 60 Cu.Mtrs max flowrate, 6 inches max. well pipe dia.

Required information to correctly assess your application.

1.)What is your application?

2.)Water Flowrate Required?

3.)Depth of Well?

4.)Inner Diameter of well pipe?

5.)Vertical distance of water distribution outlet above ground output?

6.)Horizontal distance of water distribution outlet from well?

7.)three phase power available or only single phase?

8.)What is the HP or KW rating of your surface pump if you already have an existing pump setup and needs only solar power system installed.

Related Application Background Information.



See our Turnkey Solar Pump Package Price Table below.

Please email your interest on solar pump system turnkey installation with required information above to:

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Below are compiled domestic solutions that will create opportunities for cost savings, make waste a resource, additional profit from nothing, solve a challenge, and speed up process of correction and recovery.

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Turn Wastewater Lagoons Into Goldmines.

When Green Turns into Gold

Your Foodwaste. Your Power.

Solar Panel on Your Rooftop. Free Energy.

The Magazine of Cancer Status and Cure Updates

Do you have a Genius at home?

El Nino. Get the sun to pull those water up.

Biogas. Expertise and Experience is your Best Option.

Generate 100KWe on your small livestock farm animal manure.

Don’t burn you agri trash! Have 100KWe from it.

You just don’t know how much money you throw on your boiler continuous blowdown

SCADA. See and Analyze All That Matters.

Used Cooking Oils to Biodiesel. It is like having your own oil refinery.

How to turn waste into resources.

Hands on Cleaning of Rivers, Bays, and Seas.

Palm Oil Mill into a Renewable Power Plant

Where to find the Best Online Deals, Promos, and Products.

How to avoid shopping stress especially during holidays and sudden needs.

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On Philippine Politics

Let’s face it and accept the reality of politics in our country. We can no longer believe and trust what political candidates promised. Or look upon the good they have done before. The system will definitely corrupt them after their first term in position. We can only be assured of their sincerity in public service when they accept full accountability and put themselves in a check-and-balance law. They must conform and agree to their own Death Penalty. Only for public servants who do graft, plunder, and corruption while in their term of unservice or task of nation bleeding. But will they push a law that will incriminate them? I guess no. They all want to just rape the Mother Land and get rich. And that is how the Philippines will die. Killed by its own ugly politicians.

Sa totoo lang, naglolokohan lang tayong mga Pilipino.

How to solve the broken political system of the Philippines once and for all.

LED Lights Retrofitting Cost Saving Project

Let us save you lighting power cost by retrofitting all your existing lights with LED.   

We are open to financing single and direct deal business with private buildings, malls, factories, industrial estates, poultry farms, and residential subdivisions (street lighting). Payment is on the cost saving attained monthly.

Email me details of target project for our financing assessment:

– your contact details and relation to such project (owner, director, management, staff)

– location address of building, industrial estate, resort, or factory. 

– estimated nos. of lighting fixtures and percentage consumed from total monthly power cost.

– scanned copy of three consecutive monthly electricity bill. Last month bill going backward.

We will be submitting a proposal for your evaluation and consideration after our study of your particular situation.

For Inquiry or RFQ (Request for Quotation) on any posted technology solution, please email:

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