India Approves 3 Billion Rupees in Solar Pump Subsidies

* Curated Information. Flashback Story on Solar Pumping for Irrigation.
India approved 3 billion rupees ($49 million) in subsidies to help farmers install solar-powered water pumps to boost agricultural yields and reduce expensive diesel fuel use.

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy will provide grants to install 17,500 irrigation pumping systems to 2016 funded by a carbon tax on coal, according to a notice posted today on its website.

“Solar photovoltaic pumping systems can easily meet the irrigation requirements for small and marginal farmers,” the notice said. “It will increase the cropping intensity.”

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Solar Powered Water Pump. Do away with fuel and power cost.

We supply and install solar pump system for domestic water usage or crop irrigation. Turnkey systems up to 15HP, 98 Mtrs max. well depth, max. 60 Cu.Mtrs max flowrate, 6 inches max. well pipe dia. 

We are open to financing single and direct deal business with multiple solar pump installation for privately owned agricultural or livestock farms. Payment is on the cost saving attained monthly on the use of this technology.

Email me details of target project for our financing assessment:

– your contact details and relation to such project (owner, director, management, staff)

– location address of project

– list of diesel or electricity driven pump to be replaced, their pumping capacity in HP, and other pertinent available details.

– scanned copy of three consecutive monthly electricity bill or fuel consumption cost for gasoline/diesel powered pumps. Last month bill going backward.

For specific solar pump system request for quotation (RFQ), kindly furnish us the following required information below:

1.)What is your application? 

2.)Water Flowrate Required? 

3.)Depth of Well? 

4.)Inner Diameter of well pipe? 

5.)Vertical distance of water distribution outlet above ground output? 

6.)Horizontal distance of water distribution outlet from well?  

7.)three phase power available or only single phase?  

8.)What is the HP or KW rating of your surface pump if you already have an existing pump setup and needs only solar power system installed. 

Related Application Background Information.



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