What can the blockchain be useful for, in real life ?

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The “blockchain” of rice growing communities

In Asia, people grow rice. Growing rice requires rice paddies, flat fields that can be flooded with water. This means that the vast majority of rice fields are located in river deltas. Growing rice is labour-intensive, therefore rice-growing civilisations value enormously mutual cooperation and help. As a result, the population lives in small villages where everybody knows everybody, a typical peer-to-peer organisation where there is no need of a strong central authority. There is a Vietnamese proverb that says “the authority of the emperor stops at the gate of the village”.

In such communities, when you promise to help someone for the harvest at a given day, the whole neighbourhood knows and records your promise, and you cannot deny it anymore. And if a boy dates a girl, the whole village knows it also. Clearly, gossiping is the way of life in such communities, be it good or bad.

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We do design, programming, and system integration of local-to-remote-real-time data monitoring and control. Create the leverage to catch up with change brought about by the 4th Industrial Revolution and the entry of IoT (Internet of Things). Would like to assist you eliminate constraints of time and distance on the plant floor.

We have done high rise and commercial building BMS and FDAS. Commissioned industrial plant floor HMI and Automation systems. Serviced marine vessel instrumentation. Customized and programmed wind, solar, and biomass power plant SCADA- 12KW up to 50MW.

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We do SCADA, BMS, FDAS, FMS, HMI, and Control System Integration.


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