Introducing the terrifying mathematics of the Anthropocene

Fossil fuel has turned us into force of nature.
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Here are some surprising facts about humans’ effect on planet Earth. We have made enough concrete to create an exact replica of Earth 2mm thick. We have produced enough plastic to wrap Earth in clingfilm. We are creating “technofossils”, a new term for congealed human-made materials – plastics and concretes – that will be around for tens of millions of years.

But it is the scale that humans have altered Earth’s life support system that is the most concerning.

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Plan to make use of your MSW or agro-industrial organic waste to generate power?

We do turnkey biogas power plant projects. We can setup and commission your W2E infrastructure. Find you a local or an international project financing window. Or maybe a local JV business partner for big project plans. We are particularly looking for that one single deal of a clustered or multiple biogas power plant construction project to finance.

We have designed, built, and commissioned more than 400 biogas power plants everywhere in the world.

If interested and would like to tap our services, kindly fill up questionnaire below and email back. We will assess your substrate sustainability and see if a biogas power plant is right for you.


Jess C. Gregorio

Affiliate Marketing and Project Lead Generation Manager for the Philippine Territory



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