To Curse: Harmful Effects of Cursing

Just because someone we know or are friends with, says something unkind or in anger, doesn’t mean it is ok for us, we have to make our own high standards and stick with them. Sometimes, we have to be the ones to let someone else know that saying cuss words is hurtful to others as well. It can be as simple as saying, “I don’t like it when you say that word”, or “When you say that it hurts my feelings”.

By ages five and six years, kids are thinking that using potty language is funny, by tween and teen years, programming on TV and video games are saturated with F-bombs. Coming into these situations, are the perfect opportunities, to begin helping the youth in our sphere of influence form their own opinions of how cussing can hurt the feelings of people we care about.

Read more why we should not curse or cuss.


Make Things Better.


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