The 8 Rude “Animal” Types of Bosses

Ever work with someone who hogs all the credit? Or a parrot who never seems to have an original idea? I bet you can think of a few people who act more like zoo animals than the professionals they are supposed to be. And if you work in an environment with these types of characters, then you know that rudeness spreads like a contagion.

That is because when the boss blasts the team or dismisses effort, it sends the message that pushy, disrespectful behavior is not only acceptable — it is the only way to do business. You start to think that to get what you want, you need to assert your authority over others. Maybe even get primal. Act like a beast.

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Legendary Unsinkable Concrete Battleship in the Philippines

When World War II started, the concrete battleship was the first American coastal artillery to open fire against the invading Japanese forces. By early February 1942, the island fortresses in Manila Bay were the only Philippine territory U.S. forces still held. Japanese 150-millimeter and 240-millimeter siege guns delivered a terrific pounding, but Fort Drum continued firing back, sinking several Japanese troop barges. Fort Drum amazingly suffered zero casualties during the entire siege.

We need to bring it back to life. Our AFP should prioritize this super fortress rebuilding, arm it with modern weapons, and commission it to guard bay entrance to Manila once again. Just wondering why it was not done before. Wake up Philippines and fortify your defense.

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Wanted: Leaders

The manager tells people what to do, and how, while the leader explains why they should do it. Both are important, but only true leadership will move people by giving them a meaning and purpose within a larger context.

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Decide if you’re a hedgehog or a fox

In a 1953 essay titled “The Hedgehog and the Fox,” which focused on the view of history that Russian author Leo Tolstoy presented in his classic novel War and Peace, Berlin said writers and thinkers fall into two categories: hedgehogs, who view the world through a single central vision, and foxes, who chase scattered ideas pursuing many ends. Essentially, hedgehogs are simplifiers and foxes are multipliers.

Berlin’s prose is brilliant, but what is relevant from his essay for our conversation is captured in a single question: When you build a strategy, do you build as a hedgehog or a fox?

Think about that question, with your plans for next year in mind, as we explore this idea.

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Good internal communication doesn’t just happen

Good internal communication has countless benefits. It fosters a strong culture, improves collaboration, streamlines results and can even improve morale. In today’s diverse business landscape, creating clear communication channels can overcome generational, gender and cultural differences to create cohesive teams and ultimately, successful outcomes.

Good internal communication doesn’t just happen. It must be deliberate. Consider these five ideas to supercharge your communication efforts to create a happier, healthier workplace:


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On Scalability and Replicability of Smart Grid Projects – A Case Study

This paper studies the scalability and replicability of smart grid projects. Currently, most smart grid projects are still in the R&D or demonstration phases. The full roll-out of the tested solutions requires a suitable degree of scalability and replicability to prevent project demonstrators from remaining local experimental exercises.

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