Global Standard Biogas Power. Your Substrate. Your Potential.

Your substrates – your potential

Explore your potential! The PlanET Biogas Group is your reliable partner. Many types of inputs can be used in a PlanET biogas system, including:
food waste,

dairy products and whey,

vegetable leftovers,

fish and slaughterhouse waste,

solid and liquid manure,

poultry manure,

energy crops

and other organic material. Many leftovers may not look pretty or smell nice, but they have an energy and material recovery value. We will give you some inspirations regarding “what is possible?”

On turning organic waste into non pollutant.

And create cost savings or income source by generating power to use or sell.

What the First World did to their waste? Turned it into biogas.

Organic Waste to Biogas, Biomethane, or Bio-LNG Resources

We have lots of rotting and stinking organic waste in our country. We can do the same.

How PlanET Biogas Global GmbH Spearheads World Biogas Technology

Browse how others used their waste to create progress.

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Affiliate Marketing and Project Lead Generation Manager for the Philippine Territory

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HR’s Vital Role in How Employees Spend Their Time, Talent, and Energy

HR’s Vital Role in How Employees Spend Their Time, Talent, and Energy
Human capital, not financial capital, is today’s scarcest resource. It can be measured in three ways:

* Time. The hours that employees put into their jobs

* Talent. The skills, capabilities, and ingenuity they bring to their work

* Energy. The level of engagement, passion, and focus they apply to their work

The combination of these factors (time + talent + energy) and the interactions between them, is how human capital is converted into productivity and economic value.
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How to keep cool without costing the earth

How to keep cool without costing the earth
ABOUT 6% of the electricity generated in America is used to power air-conditioning systems that cool homes and offices. As countries such as Brazil, China and India grow richer, they will surely do likewise. Not only is that expensive for customers, it also raises emissions of greenhouse gases in the form both of carbon dioxide from burning power-station fuel and of the hydrofluorocarbons air conditioners use as refrigerants.

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Tech Insider’s 20 best smartphones in the world

Tech Insider’s 20 best smartphones in the world
The last time we updated this list, the Google Pixel took the top spot away from the iPhone 7.
This month, we still consider the Pixel a superior phone, and we’ve added a surprise newcomer, which you’ll find in 11th place.
To make way for the newcomer, it was time to take off the BlackBerry Passport. It’s still a great, unique phone, but after three years on the market, it was time to let it go.

Here’s our list of the best smartphones you can buy.

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