Fish Pond and Fish Pen Water Quality Optimization. A Fish Kill Solution.









BOCs are unique and proprietary bio-organic catalytic compositions that have shown the ability to optimize the performance of the wastewater systems beyond the capabilities of the current infrastructures or chemical agents.  They are directly applicable to solving the critical processing improvements necessary in meeting increased regulatory standards in treating discharges.  BOCs are immediately deployable with simple installations, provide broad overall system improvements, and are extremely inexpensive in contrast to expansion of facilities.

BOC has the ability to exclusively meet the key performance objectives now faced by facilities management, such as nitrogen discharge reduction, increased carrying capacity, FOG treatment, sludge reduction, higher aeration capability, reduction of mineralization build-up, reduction of hazardous gases, and reduction of total discharges.

BOCs work complementary with, and enhance, traditional oxidizing agents, which are already widely used throughout its markets, but are limited in meeting the new advanced levels of regulatory compliance, unable to improve bioprocessing systems, and present health hazards to workers.  BOCs complement and enhance bio-augmentation agents, which while of limited value to most water, wastewater and cleaning applications, are potentially very attractive to accelerating hydrocarbon remediation applications

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Jess C. Gregorio

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2 thoughts on “Fish Pond and Fish Pen Water Quality Optimization. A Fish Kill Solution.

  1. Narcisa S. Aganon January 2, 2017 / 2:07 am

    Is this available in the market already si?


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