Sun Powered Large Scale Air Conditioning and Cold Storage


A pioneering solar based cooling solution by integrating vapor absorption machines with solar concentrators.  The concentrators generate hot water by harnessing solar thermal energy.  The hot water is supplied to the vapor absorption machine or VAM.

The VAM supplies chilled water which is circulated through cooling coils in the air handling unit or AHU over which air flows.  The air thus cooled can be used for air conditioning application through solar cooling system hybridized by conventional cooling system.  It is a great cost saving project for building cooling needs by having to operate  your air conditioning without power cost during the day.

Solar concentrators hybridized by  biomass gasifiers can also be used to power cold storage facilities.  This type of cold storage design extends shelf life of agricultural or fishery products in remote provinces.  Usher rural development by enhancing  local food industry processing and storage.

Email for inquiry and RFQ.

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Jess C. Gregorio

Affiliate Marketing and Project Lead Generation Manager for the Philippine Territory

Make Things Better.

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